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Game Name Goes here

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      25%
Individual work: 75% +

Total           100%

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Repo path


Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Team Memebers

  1. Kyle Barnhart
  2. Nick Mirabella
  3. Ehren Metcalfe
  4. Randl Morales
  5. Graeme Smyth


The game will consist of several basic elements that are common to most first-person shooters. The camera will be fixed in first-person perspective; there will be a UI overlaid on screen displaying health and ammunition in a numerical format. The world will consist of a small room with several enemies and obstacles. Enemies will be able to navigate around obstacles and pursue the player. Bullets will be able to collide with objects and enemies, in order to deal damage or destroy entities. Destroying enemies or objects will increase a player’s score by predetermined amount.

In order to win the player must kill all enemies within the area. Upon death, the user will be shown a game over screen with the option to reset the level, or to quit to Windows. The player’s character will be able to crouch behind objects for cover, jump over or on top of them, as well as pick them up, and move them to another location. Health and ammo packs will be placed throughout the level to aid the player. Each enemy will be equipped with a different weapon that is assigned at random with one of the following special effects:

- Blind the player

- Slow the player’s movements by 30%

- Temporarily prevent the player from moving

Tasks by Priority

- Input [Kyle]
- Model [Nick]
- Collision [Kyle]
- Level Editor [Graeme]
- Menus [Kyle]
- Sound (ogg) [Randl]
- Light [Randl]
- Gravity [Kyle]
- Physics [Kyle]
- Make Level [Graeme]
- Implement Scripting (Lua) [Nick]
- AI [Ehren]
- Write Scripting [All]

Tasks Completed

- Gravity [Kyle]
- Physics [Kyle]
- Collision [Kyle]

Map of the World of the Game


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