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DPI908 Research Paper Checklist

For the 2012 Fall Semester, your research paper should investigate how Fedora secures its Build and Release system. The research paper should be about 20 pages long typed document and must include at least the following Sections:

General Overview of the Fedora Build and Release process

  • Getting Program source files
  • Building locally from source using the rpmbuild system
  • Building locally using the mock built system
  • Using the koji build system
  • rpm package review process
  • Software release process
    • rpm signing
    • rpm repository
  • Software update process

For each phase of the build and release processes

  • identify what security measures has been taken to safeguard the integrity of the software
  • comment on the advantage/disadvantage/weakness of the security measure

Report on

  • your findings
  • your comments
  • your recommendations


Summarize the overall security state of the Fedora Build and Release process, qualifying the risks you have identified to provide an overall risk assessment.


Cite all sources used in MLA style.


Please upload your research report in PDF format to Blackboard on or before your 0.3 release due date.