Course Policies for ULI101

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Course Policies for ULI101

Weekly Tutorials

  • Online Tutorials are divided into INVESTIGATIONS that instruct students how to use the Unix/Linux OS.
  • Checking programs (called scripts) are used to check if students correctly completed the tutorial:
  • If the student makes a mistake, feedback is provided for students to troubleshoot and correct their mistake and re-run the checking program.
  • Once the program is run and indicates success, marks are awarded to the student.
  • Students MUST complete the weekly tutorial by Friday of the following week (by midnight) to get full marks (no exceptions).
  • Students are responsible to know weekly tutorial due dates. Again, these are indicated in the ULI101 WIKI weekly schedule.

Review Tutorials

  • There are 2 Review Tutorials that students perform to answer questions to test their Unix/Linux Knowledge.
  • The review tutorial contains sections to complete. As students correctly answer questions, marks are awarded.
  • If the student cannot answer a question, they cannot proceed to the next question.
  • Appropriate time will be provided for students to complete these review tutorials.
  • Students are responsible to know Review tutorial due dates. Again, these are indicated in the ULI101 WIKI weekly schedule.

Quizzes, Mid-term Test, and Examination

  • Students are responsible to know the time and location of quizzes, the midterm test, and the final exam.
  • Students who miss a quiz, test or examination will receive a mark of "0" unless they can submit appropriate documentation that clearly states why they were unable to complete their test or examination and the absence is discussed with faculty.
  • The above mentioned documentation must be provided within a week of your missed test or exam.
  • Students who legitimately miss a test may have the missed test mark derived from the marks of remaining tests or be given a make up test.

Cheating & Plagiarism

  • Each student should be aware of the College's policy regarding this subject. Seneca's Academic Integrity Policy will be strictly enforced.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. For a first offense student's are given a grade of zero (0). For a second offense they may be expelled from the School of Information and Communications Technology. Each case is permanently noted on the student's transcript.

What constitutes cheating?

  • Plagiarism.....copying all or part of another person's assignment or test.
  • It does not matter whether the person you copy from is a registered or former student, or a non-student.
  • If you cut and paste something directly from the Internet and do not give appropriate credit.
  • If you copy text from a book and do not give appropriate credit.
  • If you copy entire pages from a book or the Internet and do not submit any original thoughts or work along with it.


  • All email communications with college staff must be made from your MySeneca account. This allows us to be certain of a student's identity.