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This is a comparison between various Open Source communities, the methodologies, processes, and tools they employ, and their underlying philosophies. Please add information!

Mozilla Fedora
Products Primary products Firefox web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, Prism application platform, Seamonkey internet suite Fedora Linux distribution office suite
Key downstream projects Miro



63 derivative distributions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and 12 derivative distributions

Star Office (Sun)

Lotus Symphony (IBM)

Various derived works

Communication Main Web Sites
IRC Channels - Developers - Firefox general - Thunderbird general

...and others on - Developers - General discussion

...and others starting with #fedora on - Developers - General discussion

...and others ending with on

Related Seneca IRC Channel
Mailing lists, gatewayed newsgroups, and archives Mozilla development forums - Available via Usenet News (including Google Groups) Fedora mailing lists and archives - Available via Gmane Newsgroups General & Project mailing lists - Available via Gmane Newsgroups
Code Primary Languages C++, JS, XUL, XML, CSS (Various) C++
Secondary Languages (including build system) bash, perl, python python, bash, perl Java
Codebase size ~6-10 million lines 47 million lines of C/C++, plus code in other languages (~6000 RPM packages) ?? million lines
Platforms Tier-1 Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Linux Windows, Linux, (Mac OS X)
Hardware x86_32, x86_64, PPC x86_32, x86_64, PPC

(via derivatives: Alpha, Sparc, z9)

x86_32, x86_64, PPC
Community Size Users 125 million+ Firefox users 2 million+
Developers and Contributors From Asa (April 2008):

500 Firefox+Geko contributors,

800 total client-side contributors,

1000 client+server-side contributors,

2000 people involved including marketing, support, etc.

2000 people who have signed the CLA or have FAS accounts
CVS commit access From Asa (April 2008):

320 for main projects,

200 for Mozilla website, wikis, addons service, etc.

600 people