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Prep Work

  1. Move Scotland to?
  2. Stop the Backup System
  3. Change Chile to Raid 1
  4. Install F15 to Raid 1 on Chile
  5. Add SSD's to Chile
  6. Get Chile on the lan
  7. Rsync /mnt/koji to Chile from HK (HK-->CHI)
  8. Install OS on IRE - Change Disk Configuration

(Start of Downtime)

  1. Disable All Builders (Let Jobs Finish)
  2. Shutdown the HUB+Database
  3. Move SSD's from HK to IRE
  4. Setup PostgreSQL on IRE
  5. Remove PGSQL from HK
  6. Point HUB at IRE for Databases
  7. Final rsync of HK to Chile
  8. NFS Exports on Chile
  9. Change NFS mounts on all builders
  10. Bring Farm up

(End of Downtime)

  1. Setup Createrepo on Chile
  2. Restart the backup

Total Time: 48Hrs