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Ship F13 ARM

  • Lead: PaulW
  • Target: June 3
  • Signing
  • SOP
    • Composing
    • Rootfs
  • Get it onto the mirrors
    • Find out directory structure, permissions, etc from dgilmore

Start F13 Updates

  • Lead: fossjon
  • Target: Start updates by June 1
  • Use styrene
    • Load DB
    • Write code for a styrene queue run to be sent to koji
    • Write code to examine results of a queue run and update db

Prepare for F14 Builds

  • Leads: aeboccia, szafar8, PaulW
  • Target: Start builds by June 8
  • Get initial package list from pbrobinson
  • Build any additional/missing packages
    • perl
    • python
    • glibc

Prepare for F15 Builds including armv7hl

  • Lead: ctyler
  • Target: Get estimated build sequence by June 8
  • Use styrene to estimate build sequence
  • Get initial package list from dgilmore

Ship Styrene

  • 0.1 by June 3
    • Make more general (e.g., doesn't have to run on the release being processed)
    • Include RPM packaging

Update Docs

  • Fedora ARM pages
  • SOPs

Finishing Existing Initiatives

  • Genesi Smarttop connectivity issues (ongoing)
  • Get Icinga working more usefully (ongoing, ctyler with gcasella)
  • Backup (Target: May 27)
    • SOP for backups
    • Get removable-disk backup working


  • PaulW - create experiment-f13-updates, dist-f13-updates tags in Koji
  • fossjon - create koji submit capability in styrene
  • aeboccia - set up sigul
  • szafar8 - backups

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