Canvas3D XUL Runner App 0.2

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Here's the progress so far on v0.2 of the XUL Runner App project.

Version 0.2 Don't click this picture, click the link below!
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Planned Features

This package should not be a full-fledged browser.

  • Remove browser buttons from the interface (such as the back button).

End goal is to only have examples accessible.

  • Examples can be downloaded when user has internet access.
  • Examples will be saved locally for times when internet is not available.
  • Examples are accessible from a dropdown menu.

Canvas 3d Library source can be saved for a later release.

Nov 15, v0.2!

Version zero dot two has now been uploaded!! Enjoy! *^.^*


  • Download and extract.
  • Run "mybrowser.exe".
  • "Creative commons license" link at the bottom of the page would normally take you out of ""; try it out!
  • In theory, it is cross platform.
    • Changes are to .js and .xul files, which are cross platform friendly.
    • It uses an exe to run, so maybe it is Windows only?


  • Limiting the user to is now recognized as a safety measure.
    • Canvas 3d has direct access to your video card!!
    • Where there is access to something precious, there is a dangerous hack in the making.

Things to do

  • Right now, navigating out of will return you to the c3dl homepage. An error page would be more appropriate.

Nov 13

A test draft of ver0.2 is in the works.


  • Back, Forward, Stop, and Reload buttons have been removed.
  • URL bar has been removed.

Things to do

  • Limit visitable URLs to the "" domain.
  • Talk to Cathy about possibility of revising ver0.2 specifications.