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Your Ubuntu Linux "Guide on the Side"


This WIKI is a resource for people to learn how to work in the Open Source environment.
I would like to share from what I have learned when using Ubuntu Linux and have learned when using the Linux operating system over the past 12 years...

NOTE: If you are a new Linux user (a.k.a. "newbie"), you may be overwhelmed by the number of applications. If become overwhelmed, just try to concentrate some of the software you need immediately. Then you can experiment with the other applications at a later time...

I intend to write full notes on how to use many of the applications listed below, but until then, I will provide links to documentation and list other resources such as tutorials and textbooks (if available) and possibly youtube videos for visual demonstrations...

Below are links to pages to provide useful help.

Why Should I Use Linux?

Installing Ubuntu


Setting up Ubuntu


Setting up a Cost Effective Computer Lab (Edubuntu)

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Using Ubuntu (Applications)

Using The Desktop Environment (Gnome)

Office Suite | Productivity



  • CinelerraCV (Non Linear Video Editor - Community Version)
  • Stopmotion (Stop Motion Photography)
  • Devede (Media Transcoder)
  • Gnome Baker (Burn CD/DVDs / Burn Images on CD/DVD)
  • Istanbul (Capture Computer Session on video file)
  • DVDstyler (DVD Authoring application for Video enthusiasts to create professional looking Video-DVDs)
Media Center
  • Mythtv (TV Digital Video Recorder)
  • Totem (Media Player)
  • VLC (Multimedia Player and Streamer)


  • Cedega Gaming Service (Play PC games on Linux)
  • Frozen Bubble (Like BubbleBobble Arcade game)
  • Extreme Tux Racer (formerly Planet Penguin Racer, Tux Racer)
  • Open Arena (First person Shooter - network)
  • Alien Arena (First person Shooter - Alien Oriented - network)
  • Nexiuz (First person Shooter - network)
  • Sauerbraten (First person Shooter - network)
  • Critical Mass (2D Space Shooter)
  • Chromium (2D Space Shooter)
  • kxmame (Classic Arcade Emulator)
  • Aisleriot (Solitaire card game)
  • Armagetronad (Tron Light Cycle)
  • Neverball (3D Platform game)
  • Pingus (Clone of Lemmings game)
  • foobillard (3D Pool games)
  • torcs (3D Driving Simulator)
  • FretsonFire (Guitar Hero Clone)
  • Freetennis (Tennis game)
  • ksirc (Strategy game - Based on "Risk" board game)


  • FireFox (Web Browser)
  • Ekiga (Video Conferencing)
  • Skype (Telephony)
  • amessenger (MSN Messenger for Linux)
  • galaxium (communicate using different networks at the same time - many protocols supported)
  • Pidgin (Instant Messenger - many protocols supported)
  • VNC Server / VNC Viewer (Remote Graphical Connection)
  • Xchat-gnome (Text-based chats - IRC)
  • gftp (Transfer File Between Computer Systems)
  • apache2 (Web Server)
  • ktorrent (BitTorrent download client)
  • Samba (cross-platform file and printer sharing with Microsoft Windows, OS X, and other Unix systems)
  • Mediatomb (stream your digital media through your home network and listen to/watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible device)
  • Kradioripper (record internet radios and other streams)
  • Sound-juicer (CD Ripper)


Virtual Computing

  • Virtualbox (Run Windows in Linux)
  • VMPlayer (Run Linux in Windows)


  • Programming Tools
  • RCS (Revision Control System. RCS is useful for programs, documentation, graphics, etc. revised in a group/project environment)

Administration | System Tools

  • Administration Tools
  • File Manager
  • Shell (Command Prompt)

Application Links