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For our team project, we plan on creating a game where the player (Buck Bunny) will need to climb ladders to platforms to reach the goal. There will also be enemies at the top who drop acorns down the hole where the player will need to jump over to avoid. If the player gets hit then the acorn may explode with an effect and they will lose a health point or loose a life point. He will be making his way up toward the rabbit-hole’s exit which is at the surface, from deep underneath the ground. The barrels full of acorns will follow a path down the tunnels toward the player. There will be ladders to climb from one level in the tunnel to other levels in the tunnel. When the player gets to the hole at the surface, he beats that level and the game goes to the next level.

We will be making the following additions to the framework.

  • John Nigel Hanna – Oct-trees for collision detection
  • Nick Mirabella – 3d model rendering and animation
  • Sean Frederick Tracy – Sprite based particle system

The sprite based particle system will be used when the player is damaged by a barrel of acorns, at which point particles of acorns would fly of out the barrel.