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Implement a 'green' hardware display of the current dashboard. Ideas:

  • Base the hardware on a PandaBoard
  • Purchase a large (32"?) display for the wall you face as you enter CDOT and/or the window facing the TEL southeast entrance
  • Use a passive infrared detector to detect when people are present, and make the display sleep until someone approaches (Perhaps a Kinect?)

Version 0.1 Overview (Due Tuesday May 10th)

  • PandaBoard configured with F13 + kernel + video drivers
  • FF3.6 compiled and optimized for the PandaBoard (plan for FF4 for later releases)

Version 0.2 Overview

  • Firefox 4


  • System up times
  • Current processor loads
  • Present RAM/HDD usage
  • Number of packages built (daily/weekly/monthly numbers)
  • Machines free and waiting for build jobs
  • Downtime amount per machine (date/time) (could be an interesting stat indicating some sort of failure pattern)