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With throughout 2 website website million sales to date at the duration of publication according to VideoGamer.com, the handheld video game phenomenon "Angry Birds" has taken the mobile gaming market by tempest, outpacing all competitors plus capturing the attention about hardcore gamers, new users and children alike. "Angry Birds" is very considerably some puzzle game made up of phases. Advancing out of stage to period is any matter of solving the puzzle.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Touch the button that is corresponds to the point you are on from the menu. This will take you into the game.

2 Follow the tutorial, if a displays up. If not, begin by touching the bird in the slingshot and dragging it backwards to increase strength. Drag your finger up or lower to change the angle of the shot.

3 Release your finger to fire your shot. The goal is to use the birds, either through immediate hits or by means of hits on the environment to destroy the green pigs. The more sophisticated levels generally have some trick to it, making it really difficult to solve without understanding the stage.

4 Destroy all the pigs on or before your last bird to obvious the stage. You gain bonus points for unused birds, but it remains never required. Once you have cleared any phase, you will be presented by way of any score screen and given the option to advance.

5 Tap the advance key to progress to the following level. The advance button is the one on the far right on the bottom of the score page that looks wish any "Quick Forward" key on remote controls.


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