Bugfixing on the GFX backend

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Bugfixing on the Mozilla GFX backend

For Firefox 3, the gfx backend has been ripped out and rewritten. Bugs need to be fixed before ship date.

Project Description

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Resource: stuart@mozilla.com

Project Leader(s)

Michael Mullin (mullin)

Project Contributor(s)

Requests for Contribution

1. Testing on Windows & Linux Run Me

  • Lukas Blakk (lsblakk) is able to run tests on Windows build.

2. Code Reviewing

Project Details

Projected 0.1

Mullins First Patch for Bug 364713 [View]

Projected 0.2

Mullins Second Patch for Bug 364713 [View]

Projected 0.3

Mullins Third Patch for bug 364713 [View]

Project News

Michaels Mozilla_GFX blog

Project References

Font Info

Evidence Gathering Patchs

1. Apply my Mullins AkbarHack patch (actual font displayed may vary)

1b. Apply my Mullins AkbarNotPapyrusHack patch

2. Apply my Mullins See we ignore Style patch

3. Apply my Mullins backwards text patch