Big Blue Button Polling Install

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Installing to a Fresh Dev Environment

Follow the steps here, but when you get to the section about checking out the source code go here and grab the source code that includes the polling module, (i.e. if you have access, clone the repo, or download a zip) and place it in ~/dev/ and continue with the rest of the setup steps from the first link.

Installing to an Existing Dev Environment

Before you Start

Before you can add Polling Module to your Big Blue Button you need to make sure that your Big Blue Button development environment is properly installed, and you don't have any compilation errors when compiling bigbluebutton-client and bigbluebutton-apps.

In this installation manual we assume that your bigbluebutton folder is located in the : /home/firstuser/dev/bigbluebutton

Installation Steps

1. Go here and download the files as a zip

2. Open a terminal go to where you downloaded the zip and go to the scripts directory. Run the script

cd {ZIP_PATH}/scripts


3. Follow the steps in the scripts