BTP300 Workshop 0

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  • Notes
  1. You will not receive any marks for doing this workshop. However, it will help you to become familiar with the Console Input Output Library and have a quick start on Assignment 1.
  2. In order to improve your (applied) research skills (i.e. self-directed learning skills), you are expected to complete the activities without being given detailed instructions.
  1. Form a team of two people and post up your names on the wiki page "BTP300A Teams" or "BTP300B Teams".
  2. Build a C++ application program (i.e. the main program) that displays a shape and some words inside the shape ( (e.g. your full name inside a rectangle). You could post up your code and a screenshot here. Try to run it on two different platforms such as the Borland platform (or the Visual Studio .NET platform) and the Linux platform (
  3. Complete the Key Code Values Handout on the BTP300 website. You will find the executable code for three different platforms there.
  4. Read the source code (FindKeyCode.cpp) and see if you understand it. You can discuss the code with your team member.
  5. Read Assignment 1 and try to understand the specification. Watch the video on Pair Programming. You and your team member will put pair programming into practice.
  • Visit the Practical Guideline for Assignment 1 (Fall 2012) on the main wiki page. Look for A1. Download the executable file onto the Windows platform. Read the code snippet. Use the keyboard to interact with this program. This will help you to understand the programming requirements for A1.