BTP300A Teams (Fall 2013)

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  • Your team should keep the Weekly Bug Report updated.
  • The team members should communicate with each other regularly.
  • Each team member must submit a brief report when an assignment is due. The report consists of peer evaluation, team work experiences, and programming experiences. On a scale of 0 (lowest) - 5 (highest), you should assign a score to your team member and yourself.
  • Please contact your professor ASAP if you have team work issues.
  • You have the option to do Assignment 1 individually.
BTP300A - List of Team Members for A1
Team Number Name Name WEEKLY BUGS REPORT A1 Completed
0 Chris Szalwinski Peter Liu Team 0 Bugs Report N
1 James Laverty Tarun Cherian Team 1 Bugs Report Y
2 Pedro Bellesa David Gousvaris Team 2 Bugs Report N
3 Norbert Curiciac Taylor Cousins Team 3 Bugs Report N
4 Jodie Carleton Maggie Ha Team 4 Bugs Report Y
5 Dimitri Novodchuk Pavlo Kuzhel Team 5 Bugs Report Y
6 Jake Deacon Adrian Sauvageot Team 6 Bugs Report Y
7 Shawn Ponte Paul Makowski Team 7 Bugs Report N
8 Arnold Goncharenko Rafid Daoud Team 8 Bugs Report Y
9 Artemy Matvienko Team 9 Bugs Report N
10 Elvis Tran Team 10 Bugs Report N
11 Andriy Guzenko Ganna Fatsevych Team 11 Bugs Report Y
12 Shawn Knowles Jonathan Slobodsky Team 12 Bugs Report N
13 Shianne Lee (Pls see BTP300B_Teams_(Fall_2013)) Huda & Dennis Team 1 Bugs Report N
14 Albert Kim Eldon Lai Team 14 Bugs Report Y
15 Andre East Team 15 Bugs Report N
16 Shane Nelson Team 16 Bugs Report N
17 Constantin Baramidze Team 17 Bugs Report Y
18 Soban Akbar N