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  • Complete teams
  • Rent equipment (SD card)
  • Table of projects


  • Show how I'm filming
    • Tripod
      • Keep horisontal
      • Tight but loose
    • Angles
    • Through glass
    • Probably best to look at the camera's screen
    • Center subject, unless multiple subjects
    • Fast movement
    • Zoom
    • Sound
    • Keep quiet, be invisible
    • Concentrate
    • Not enough attention span for paying attention to content details too
    • Quality: recoding, edit, publish
    • Storage: SD, tape
    • Power
  • Show result video
  • Show Kim's editing
  • Persistance of vision 1936:
  • Persistance of vision 1940:


For the lab this week we'll do some more complex video editing than we did in the previous (Video) lab.

You'll need to use Windows Movie Maker again. If you're using your own machine you may have to install it, since this program no longer comes preinstalled with Windows.

Use your own camera (a cellphone will be good enough in this case) to film three short videos, each like this:

  • Find a youtube video
  • Start filming
  • Start playing an interesting part of that youtube video, 10 seconds or so.
  • Stop the video playback.
  • Stop filming.

You will end up with three raw, unedited videos. The point of the lab is to assemble them into one continuous video using Windows Movie Maker. You may use a different tool if you prefer, just let me know what tool you used when you submit the lab.

Start Movie Maker and add the three raw videos to the project. Notice that on the right side (in the timeline view) there is a black vertical bar that moves as the video is played. You can grab this bar with your mouse and move it around yourself.

Also notice that when your right-click on or near that bar you get three options:

  • Set start point
  • Set end point
  • Split

Using these three functions you can cut out any part of the video that you like. For this lab please cut out the parts you filmed that don't have the playing youtube video. I know you can avoid filming the parts I'm asking you to film and cut out, but that's not the point of this lab. Pease do as I ask, I will check your originals that you will submit.


  • The 3 raw videos
  • The edited video project file (small .wlmp)
  • The exported edited video

Please try to make sure you video files aren't too big.