Assignment 1 (andrew)

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Assignment 1 - Andrew Smith

My platform of choice is Slackware 10.2.

Steps taken:

1.Talk to Tom, asking him about how I get started.

2.Realize I don't have enough disk space, remove 6GB of .ogg files.

3.Follow instructions at to download the source code. No problems here.

4.Copy paste the firefox optimised static example

5.Got an explanation from Tom about the things at

6.Ignored some of Tom's instructions as they conflict with the ones on the wiki.

7.Compiled for 1 hour at school. Tom said I should get ready to sleep there so did a ctrl+c and went home.

8.From home, typed in the same 'make -f build' and it seemed to continue. Only took about another hour or two to complete the build.

9.The working firefox binary was found in ff-opt-static/dist/bin

Apparently the full installation of Slackware has everything needed by the mozilla build.

I thought disk space would be a problem but deleting some non-critical data solved that.