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OPS335 Assignment 1 - Draft v1 - For Comment

Assignment 1 consists of

  • questions and your answers,
  • a list of references, and
  • a virtual machine to demonstrate one of your answers with some screen shots.

1. Questions - You Need to Answer All Questions

  1. List the major differences between Centos 6.5 and Fedora 20
  2. What is a "linux appliance" and give an example.
  3. What is "Vxworks" and give an example of where it is used. In what general category would we place "Vxworks" ?
  4. Document and demonstrate a linux machine (virtual machine) for either question #1 or question #2 or question #3 (if you wish to demonstrate something in that category). You do not have to build the demonstration machine from scratch - in fact you should avoid building from scratch - as long as you reference your source. The virtual machine can come from an external Internet site, but not a classmate. The virtual machine should use a linux distribution other than the one we use as our host - it doesn't need complicated functionality - a linux appliance itself is fine. Note: ideally your appliance will run on your Centos host as a virtual machine. An alternate environment is ok (e.g. VMware player under Windows) or Parallels under OSX - please discuss.

2. The Writeup

  • You need to "write-up" the answers and the sources for your answer.
  • You need a section for each answer
  • Please reference your sources. Consider having a References section at the end of your report.
  • Must be in your own words - do not literally cut and paste.
  • Target: 1/2 page per question; if you have written 2 pages, you wrote too much !

3. Writeup Template

Your writeup should look like:


Question 1: List the major differences between Centos 6.5 and Fedora 20

The major differences between Centos 6.5 and Fedora 20 are:
 1. SystemV vs Systemd - key differences
 2. Commands - a few words
 3. Kernel versions
 4. etc

Question 2:


Question 4: Virtual Machine Build Notes (Summary)

            Virtual Machine Screen-Shots (at least 2)


1. Chap 10, Networking, Linux Administration Handbook, 4th Edition by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder and Trent R. Hein, Prentice Hall, 2007
2. Centos Overview,, accessed Jan 1, 2014
3. OPS335 Class video, "How to do Research",, accessed Sep 15, 2014

4. What to Hand-in - Marking

You will be asked for an informal progress report, your written report, and your final vm installation instructions over the next weeks. Details:

  • Progress report: 1 week from the assignment being posted; contains your "first draft" of questions/answers and your initial choice of appliance (virtual machine)
  • Answers to questions 1-3: 5 marks each, total 15 marks, this is handed in before the break
  • Virtual machine with writeup: 10 marks, this is handed in after the break
  • Assignment total: 25 marks

please observe due-dates to get full marks

5. Places to Start

  1. class notes
  2. textbook
  3. look at the video on doing research:
  4. forum question: centos vs fedora:
  5. general comparison of centos, fedora, other linux:
  6. systemd service manager (focus on Fedora) & systemctl
  7. fedora 16 - uses new kernel v3 (centos 6.5 uses v2.6) - note that we are now at fedora 20 ! #
  8. centos forums:
  9. centos (sysv) vs fedora (systemd) cheatsheet:
  10. example linux appliances (not the only example !)
  11. more example appliances
  12. vxworks