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Week 3 (Jan. 25 - 31)

  1. Twitter launches tweet translations for mobile apps and web (Jan 22, 2015) [1] (Peter Liu 1/25/2015: read Tweets in multiple languages)
  2. Microsoft releases office and outlook for Android. LibreOffice also coming soon (Jan 31, 2015) [2] (Elsi Nushaj 1/31/2015: Now Microsoft alternatives to google supported apps for android)
  3. WhatsApp testing voice calls on Android(Feb 06, 2015) [3] (Hyungryul Steven Chun 02/06/2015: Whatsapp is testing voice call over data
  4. ???

Week 4 (Feb. 1-7)

  1. Android adware 'infects millions' of phones and tablets (Feb 4, 2015) [4] (Tai Nguyen 2/4/2015: Some considerations before purchasing an android phone)
  2. Best free antivirus apps (Feb 6, 2015) [5] (Elsi Nushaj 2/6/2015: To help against adware on android)

Week 5 (Feb. 8 - 14)

  1. Twitter confirms deal with google that tweets will show up in search results (Feb 5, 2015) [6] (Elsi Nushaj 2/9/2015: Developers can now integrate twitter in new ways in their apps)
  2. Google Launches Private Docker Repositories For Cloud Platform Users [7] (Sandeep Saldanha 2/9/2015: Developers can store data on the cloud using Google's Cloud Computing platform)
  3. The new Dropbox extension for Chrome lets you quickly add file links in Gmail (Feb 11, 2015) [8] (Kelvin Ng 2/13/2015: Chrome users can now easily attach Dropbox files in Gmail)
  4. Android Lollipop takes surprising win over iOS 8 (Feb 13, 2015) [9] (Shianne Lee 2/13/2015: Android Lollipop reportedly crashes less than iOS 8)
  5. Move Over Apple, Google’s Newest Android Operating System Is Coming (Feb 13, 2015) [10] (Tai Nguyen 2/14/2015: Move Over Apple, Google’s Newest Android Operating System Is Coming)

Week 6 (Feb 15 - 21)

  1. Beta channel for android webview launches (Feb 14, 2015) [11] (Elsi Nushaj 2/15/2015: Developers can now test out new web appearances inside their applications)
  2. Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop Now Available: What You Need To Know(Feb 15, 2015) [12] (Tai Nguyen 2/15/2015: Xposed Framework opens rooted Android devices up to the installation of modules that can change the mobile OS' appearance or improve its performance)
  3. Advocating Against Android Fragments (October 8, 2014) [13] (Albert Kim 2/17/2015: An article which advocates the use of Fragments and their overly complicated lifecycle in Android development)
  4. Google deprecating Google Talk for Windows on Feb. 23 (Feb 13, 2015) [14] (Kelvin Ng 2/20/2015: Google Talk users need to consider switching to Google Hangouts)

Week 7 (Feb. 22-28)

  1. Android developer has found a way to get Android Wear to work with an iPhone (February 22, 2015) [15] (Shianne Lee 2/23/2015: A developer found a way to get Android Wear to work with iPhone)
  2. Microsoft announces new OneDrive API for all of your devices (February 25, 2015) [16] (Kelvin Ng 2/25/2015: Microsoft introduced a new API to integrate the OneDrive cloud storage service into all major platforms, including the web, Windows, iOS, and Android)
  3. BlackBerry Ltd working with Google Inc to secure Android devices (Feb 25, 2015) [17] (Luong Van Chuong 2/26/2015: BlackBerry Ltd working with Google Inc to secure Android devices)
  4. Google Releases Work Tools Designed for Android Phones (Feb 25, 2015) [18] (Tai Nguyen 2/27/2015: Google is releasing a set of tools designed for businesses and employees who want to get work done on Android-powered smartphones)
  5. A New Way To Promote Your App on Google Play (Feb 26, 2015) [19] (Albert Kim 2/28/2015: Article about promoting your app)
  6. Android pay is coming out soon to compete with Apple (Feb 28, 2015) [20] (Elsi Nushaj 2/28/2015: Developers can now build applications with virtual credit card/payment features)

Week 8

  1. Android as well as iOS own the mobile market (Feb 28, 2015) [21] (Elsi Nushaj 2/28/2015: Developing exclusively for Android is not as problematic anymore)
  2. Google previews new features for Contacts; brings new interface, easier management (March 4, 2015) [22] (Kelvin Ng 3/4/2015: Google brings a new interface and management functions to Contacts)
  3. A new debugging platform for Android (March 7, 2015) [23] (Albert Kim 3/7/2015: Facebook's new Android debugging platform)

Week 9 (March 8 - 14)

  1. 360 degree videos are now supported by youtube on Chrome and Android devices (March 13, 2015) [24] (Elsi Nushaj 3/13/2015: Can utilize 360 videos for VR and new applications)
  2. Google's new reference app shows devs how to do multi-screen apps right (Martch 14, 2015) [25] (Kelvin Ng 3/14/2015: Google published a sample app, called Universal Music Player, to demonstrate new features in Lollipop and universal design guidance for screen size compatibility on multiple devices)
  3. Android Studio 1.2 Preview (March 13, 2015) [26] (Albert Kim 3/14/2015: Android Studio 1.2 Preview)
  4. Android based TV system's are coming back in 2015 using 5.0 Lollipop(March 19, 2015) [27] (Norbert Curiciac 3/19/2015: Android TV System 2015)
  5. Free apps everybody! Amazon’s latest bundle is worth $105 (March 13, 2015) [28] (Tai Nguyen 3/14/2015: Amazon’s latest bundle is worth $105)

Week 10 (March 15 - 21)

  1. Android version 5.1 has a memory leak. It is fixed, but may take a while for the patch to hit certain devices (March 21, 2015) [29] (Elsi Nushaj 3/21/2015: Phones and tablets may need restarts in the mean time to avoid crashes and slow down)

Week 11 (March 22 - 28)

  1. Google is teaming up with watch makers, like Tag Heuer, to make more luxurious smart watches (March 21, 2015) [30] (Elsi Nushaj 3/22/2015: Developing for smart watches may become as popular as other mobile devices)
  2. Google's Places API launches on Android, will let you share your location using real place names (March 20, 2015) [31] (Kelvin Ng 3/23/2015: Google's Places API allow developers to use detailed place information instead of latitude and longitude)
  3. Google is rolling out a new automatic "smart lock" function that uses your mobile device's accelerometer to determine when you set the gadget down, to possibly protect your data better if your device is stolen (March 23, 2015) [32] (Norbert Curiciac 3/23/2015)

Week 12 (March 29 - April 4)

  1. Android applications will run on windows based phones in the future (March 27, 2015) [33] (Elsi Nushaj 3/29/2015: Android applications can be made to utilize the specs of windows phones and integrate with its other applications. Market share will also increase, making android applications likely more competitive)
  2. Microsoft Releases Beta Of 'Office Lens' Document Scanning App For Android (Apr 2, 2015) [34] (Kelvin Ng 4/2/2015: Office Lens is an app that lets you capture notes, business cards, receipts, and any other scrap of paper as a digital file)
  3. Android Performance Patterns: Rendering Performance 101 (Jan 6 2015) [35] (Albert Kim 04/04/2015: A video explaining rendering performance on Android devices)

Week 13 (April 11 -18)

  1. Google based phones may get better (longer lasting) batteries in the future (April 10, 2015) [36] (Elsi Nushaj 4/11/2015: Longer lasting batteries allows for more intensive applications to be developed for mobiles)
  2. Microsoft Office Remote comes to Android, lets you control presentations from your phone (April 13, 2015) [37] (Kelvin Ng 4/13/2015: Microsoft Office Remote allows smartphone users to conveniently control commonly used Office 2013 features)
  3. Android Volley vs Retrofit (April 4 2015) [38] (Albert Kim 4/17/2015: A comparison between the Volley and Retrofit libraries)
  4. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Release Imminent (April 17, 2015) [39] (Tai Nguyen 4/17/2015: A new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update has been confirmed this week by Google)