Android: Online Timetable Sharing backend for assignment 1

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I. Requirements and Design for the Android app (the Android client)

  • Add the app feature to search for a person's timetable that will find matches online, and allow to select one.
  • Cache any timetable data downloaded from the online database in the local sqlite database.
  • When adding a person - create an autocomplete mechanism that will check what people exist in the online database already that match what the user is typing, and if so - present those as options to be selected.
  • When adding a new period - do the same autocomplete mechanism for course codes and room numbers.
  • Every time the application starts - check to see whether any of the local timetables have been updated online, and if so - update the local copies as well.
  • Fix any bugs found in Assignment 1.

II. Requirements and Design for the Web Service (the server).

  • The appropriate MySQL schema to serve for this purpose.
  • The PHP code needed to get data from and write/overwrite data to the MySQL database.