Add Menu to RCP Application

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Add Menu to RCP Application

In this example I'll be adding a menu to an RCP application checked out from Simple Sample from RCP Course Repository

  • Start Eclipse and check out the example from our course's SVN repository.
  • Run the example and you should get something like this:

  • We'll now create a command (Exit) which we will later add to the menu (File) that we have yet to create.
  • Start by double clicking plugin.xml in the Package window. This will bring the plugin.xml file into the edit window.
  • Now click on the Extensions tab. You should see this:

  • Click the Add button and select "org.eclipse.ui.commands" and click Finish.

  • Right click on the ui.commands extension you just added and select New -> Command.

  • Enter the id, name and defaultHandler as shown. i.e. id is, name is Exit and defaultHandler is

  • Click on the hyperlink "defaultHandler" to create the class which should extend "org.eclipse.core.commands.AbstractHandler". Remove any interfaces. You should have something like this.

  • Click Finish. You should now have this.

  • Modify the class so it now looks like this.

  • Ok, we've created a command, so now we need a menu in which to add it.
  • Go back to the plugin.xml view and click the Add button. Then select the "org.eclipse.ui.menus" extension and click Finish.

  • Now, right click on the menus extension and select New -> MenuContribution. Then add the location URI as "". You'll get something like this.

  • Right click on menuContribution and select New -> Menu. Add a menu with the label "File" and the id "fileMenu".

  • Right click on File(menu) and select New -> command. Then set the commandid, label and tooltip to "", "Exit" and "Exits the Application".

  • Save your work and then go back to the Overview tab and click on "Launch an Eclipse application". You should get this.

  • Congratulations. You're Done!