Add IPv6 Support to Condor

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Project Name

Add IPv6 Support to Condor

Project Description

Sooner or later we're going to have to live with IPv6. Many applications are very tied to IPv4 and that includes Condor. Understand what IP addresses really mean to Condor, like many existing systems, and what the implications of an IPv6 conversion means and how it can be done. There are many resources about IPv6 interfaces, but not many good transition guides, and fewer that address what the change can really mean to an application - Condor takes addresses and passes them as ascii text between components.

Resource: Nightlife wiki page, Matthew Farrellee

Project Leader(s)

Kezhong Liang

Project Contributor(s)

John Selmys

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Project News

 2008 Sept-Dec Notes 
 2009 Jan-Apr Notes