Add GPS Support for Windows Mobile

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Project Name

Adding GPS support for Windows Mobile

Project Description

My project this semester will be an implementation of a Location Provider on Windows Mobile for the Fennec Browser. I will also be developing a Camera Provider on Windows Mobile for Fennec once my GPS work is complete. I have a specification for my GPS work, but the Camera work is still undefined, as such this will serve as a briefing mostly for GPS related work.

Project Leader(s)

Nino D'Aversa

Project Contributor(s)

Mark Finkle
Brad Lassey
Doug Turner
John Wolfe

Project Details

I am tentatively planning to split the GPS and Camera work bisecting the semesters work so that my first 3-4 releases will be GPS related and my last 3-4 release will be Camera related. If my GPS/Camera work takes less time than expected I will pick up other bugs in mobile on Mark Finkle’s advice. Doug Turner and Mark Finkle are my primary contacts for the GPS work, primarily Doug as he has done the work on geolocation for Maemo (Nokia’s platform – N95) and also the work on the minimo code (which was the predecessor to the Windows CE (wince) version of the Fennec browser. My contacts for Camera work will be Brad Lassey and Mark Finkle, primarily Brad as he has done the most work relating to Camera on minimo (Fennec predecessor).

Potential Issues

As Fennec is still in alpha development there are times when the tree will be on fire. It will be prudent of me to check the tinderbox status and only update my tree when it is green. It will be important for me to update as often as possible to avoid any bit rot in my code, as things are changing quickly due to the alpha nature of Fennec.

0.4 Release Target

I will get Fennec working on the HTC Diamond and then implement some basic GPS sample code on the device. Once this is complete I will begin implementation of WinMobileLocationProvider.cpp. Due to the shortened time-frame of the 0.4 release it may not be possible to get a working version by release time, but at the latest I wish to have my first draft of this Location Provider done by my 0.5 release, but hopefully sooner! Future releases will be determined based on the feedback on my 0.4/0.5 releases.

Project News

Stay Tuned!