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Google Chrome-osomes: Team 13

Team Members

Email to all members

First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Phillip Hagan Google Chrome-osomes A [1] Phillip Hagan phil93 phagan Blog
Gwendolyn Damaren Google Chrome-osomes A [2] Gwendolyn Elaine Damaren gedamaren gedamaren Gwendolyn's C++ Blog
Jayakumar Govinthasamy Google Chrome-osomes A [3] Jayakumar Govinthasamy jayzeuz jgovinthasamy Jayakumar's Blog
Paul Roger Intal Google Chrome-osomes A [4] Paul Roger Balbas Intal printal printal is Object Oriented

Programming Style

Header safeguards

#pragma once
#ifndef CLASSNAME_H__
#define CLASSNAME_H__

Title Naming Standards

// classname.cpp
// Team Google Chrome-osomes
// Date
// Version #

Issues and Status


Issue description and/or number (1)

  • Assigned to: FULLNAME
  • Code review by: FULLNAME
  • Status:
    (being developed/pull request/being reviewed/pushed to master)
  • comments:


Good luck with the exam everybody! -Gwendolyn