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Official Course Outline


Subject Description

Working in a Linux environment requires knowledge of the availability and use of both text and visual-based tools. This subject will introduce students to the wealth of software products available for the Linux platform, with the emphasis on free software. Students will learn how to acquire, install, configure and use software including multimedia, communication, file management and document creation. Students will also be introduced to mark-up and scripting languages used in conjunction with the software covered.

Credit Status

1 credit in the LUX program


Meet admission requirements for LUX

== Link to XWN740 Course Webpage ==
Murray Saul's XWN740 Webpage

== Link to XWN740 Subject Outline ==
XWN740 Subject Outline

== Link to XWN740 Weekly Notes ==
XWN740 Weekly Notes

== Tentative Topic Outline (See Table Below) ==

  Emphasize the layered approach (Section 1.5 in book)
  Display and User Interface Hardware and Technology
   - Displays, graphics cards, USB devices
  Starting and Using the X Server
   - using VTs
   - startx
   - display managers
   - xdmcp
   - manually starting the X server
  Standard X Programs and Utilities
   - Chapter 6 in book
   - Useful for analyzing and debugging
  Installing and Configuring the X Window Server
    - Auto-configuration
    - No config file
    - Self-generated config file
    - Configuration tools (e.g., system-config-display in Fedora)
    - Using the x.org configuration file
  Fonts, Colours, and Keyboards
  Integrated X Desktop Environments
    - KDE
    - GNOME
    - XFCE
    - Others
  X and Wide Area Networking
    - The three challenges (13.7 in book)
    - Privacy
    - Access control
    - Network performance (bandwidth and latency)
    - Xauth
    - ssh
  X and VNC
  Building a Kiosk
   - This is a useful topic because it lets the students split the
     different layers apart and recombine them as they see fit.

== Useful X-Windows Resources ==

Fill in as you wish...

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