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Basic information about the X-Gene Servers

Boot Software

The systems ship with uBoot in SPI flash with console on serial /dev/ttyS0 at 115200/8/n/1

Default Linux Installation (Factory Image)

User/pass: root/root

User/pass: default/NULL


IP Address is preset to 10.x.x.x

Ethernet port assignments

With the default Linux installation:

  • eth0: 1GBE upper-right corner (above USB ports)
  • eth1: 1GBE lower-left corner
  • eth2: 1GBE upper-left corner
  • eth3: 10GBE sfp+

All four ports have been confirmed to work. iperf reports 9.41 Gb/s on the 10GBE port when directly connected to another X-Gene.

IP Information

These machines are currently connected to Iraq, with static IPs on the eth0 mac addresses.

Iraq has the corresponding hostnames red, blue, and green assigned in /etc/hosts (these names match the original ethernet cable colours, though red is not used within the EHL because it is reserved for serial connections).

The serial console port of each system is connected to the Cyclades Terminal Server.