Winter 2022 SPO600 Participants

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These are the participants in the SPO600 course during Winter 2022. It will be updated from information submitted through the SPO600 Communication Tools form.

Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
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# Name Preferred name or nickname Blog URL Seneca LDAP ID
0 Chris Tyler Chris chris.tyler
1 John Zamora John jzamora6
2 Jeffrey Huynh Jeffrey jhuynh34
3 Shivani Singh Shivani ssingh927
4 Marc Nicolas Oliva Marc mnicolas-oliva
5 Tanner Moss Tanner***** tmoss2
6 Angus McCallum Gus ahmccallum
7 Victor Hoac Victor vhoac
8 krishna kathiramalai krishna kkathiramalai3
9 Anatoliy Serputov Anatoliy Serputov @aserputov aserputov
10 Farhan Mahmud Ocean Ocean fmocean
11 Yoonkyung Kim Yoon ykim268
12 Eldridge Salvador Daniel esalvador1
13 Brendon Toakley Brendon Toakley btoakley
14 Chuan Xin Yu Tecca Yu cyu81
15 Shayaan Khan Shayaan skhan405
16 Mitchell Gregoris Mitch mgregoris2
17 Muhammed Shijas Babu Cherakkatil Shijas msbcherakkatil
18 Iurii Kondrakov Iurii ikondrakov
19 Tuan Vuong Will tvuong5
20 Gustavo Martinez de Oliveira Tavares Gustavo gmartinez-de-oliveir
21 Jeffrey Li Jeff jli588
22 Seung Woo Ji Paul swji1
23 Pat Zdanko Pat pzdanko