Winter 2017 SPO600 Participants

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These are the participants in the SPO600 course during Winter 2017.

Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
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# Name Blog URL IRC Nick Seneca LDAP ID Role Project 1 Project 2 Alternate Projects Notes Regarding Projects Project Approval
00 Chris Tyler ctyler chris.tyler Professor strlen(), strnlen()
01 Mike Doherty student getdate()
02 Joshua Longhi student cmp(), bsearch
03 Timothy Moy student strchr(), memset()
04 Ray Gervais raygervais student sha512, segfault()
05 Andrey Bykin abykin student strcoll(), strcspn()
06 Len Isac lkisac student difftime(), subtract() s_nexttowardf()
07 Shiv Gajiwala (lab5,lab4) (lab6,lab7,Project I,Project 2,Project 3,Course review) Shiv sagajiwala student sizeof(),strcmp()
08 Garrett Pizzacalla gapizzacalla student strncmp, strfry
09 Brooks Patola abpatola student
10 Eugueni Antsyferov Genya student fmemopen() C-collate()
11 Matthew Bell mdbell student strfry()
12 Kevin Ramsamujh kramsamujh student strcasestr(), strcasecmp()
13 Laily Ajellu lailyajellu lajellu student strncat strdup
14 John James Jejames1 student wctype() strcspn()
15 Hamid Hashimi hhashimi3 student
16 Jonathan Desmond jdesmond1 student strcpy(), memfrob(), strncasecmp()
17 Wayne Williams wawilliams Student mktime(), localtime()
18 Derrick Leung dleung25 student stdio()
19 Dang Khue Tran dktran1 student pow() strrchr()
20 Aly Farag ayfarag student
21 Lawrence Reyes lreyes3 lreyes3 student TRIED(string/strstr.c, inet/ether_aton_r.c, inet/ether_line.c), TESTING(crypt/md5-crypt.c)
22 Gregory McMullan gjmcmullan student wsccmp()
23 Lucas Blotta laffonsodossantosblo CTYC Student qsort
24 Ping Liu pliu45 Student strncpy() strcat
25 Carina Simonovsky csimonovsky student
26 Mohammed Maniar mfmaniar student strerror() __stererror()
27 Quang Dat Tran qdtran student strspn()
28 Joshua Cartujano https:/// jcartujano student

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Column definitions

  • # - Sequential line number
  • Name - Your full name, linked to your wiki user profile page (please place contact information there).
  • IRC Nick(s) - Your nicks (nicknames) as used on IRC. Leave this blank if you're not using IRC yet.
  • Seneca LDAP Id - Your Seneca LDAP identifier, used for your Seneca email account, student record access, computer login, server accounts, and so forth.
  • Role - Professor, CTY Student, CTYC Student, IFS Student, CDOT Researcher, etc.
  • Project 1 - Link to your first SPO600 software package wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected your SPO600 projects yet.
  • Project 2 - Link to your second SPO600 software package wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected your SPO600 projects yet.
  • Alternate Projects - Projects you are interested in doing if your selected project is not approved.
  • Notes Regarding Project - Any comments you have about your project selection.
  • Project Approval - Initialed by your professor when your project selection is approved; may also contain a note about comments on the Talk page.

Instructions - Participant Information

Please add your name, IRC nick, and Seneca LDAP ID as soon as possible. Link your name to your Wiki user page.

Instructions - Project Selection