Winter 2017 CDOT Public Talks

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There are two public talks scheduled for the Winter 2017 semester. Please join us for any or all of these!

Talks are held in room T1009 / DB1009 in CDOT.

  • Wednesday, March 15 at 12pm: Henrique Coelho & Matthew Welke - Modern Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript (Goodbye Callbacks!)
This presentation will focus on one of the most important aspects of JavaScript programming today: asynchronous (async) programming. In short, this means using JavaScript to perform more than one thing at a time, similar to how some programs are “multi-threaded”. This is one of JavaScript’s killer features which lead to the rise of Node.js and made the language a key part of modern web development.

There has been much change in JavaScript over the years to clean it up and make it easier for developers to use, since using it for its async features is considered challenging, especially for beginners.

We will show you some of the efforts made by the community to clean it up, and also show you the final solution the committee in charge of JavaScript decided to use for asynch features. This should make it more productive for experienced developers to use and easier for beginner programmers to learn.

The talk will feature some examples on how to use these modern features including how to use them inside the Express.js and Koa web development frameworks. It will include four different ways of handling async code in JavaScript: Callbacks, Promises, Generators, and Async functions.
  • Wednesday, April 5 at 12pm: Speaker TBD - Topic TBD