Winter 2014 SPO600 Software List

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Claimed by... Pkg name SPO600 Scope LEG Comments Fedora name Ubuntu version Fedora Version Source/Embedded Atomics/Embedded lib/Lowlevel/OtherOS/Perf/Symbol-Sections LEG Priority
h5py -2 Hierarchical Data Format library interface for python; trivial x86 asm for performance in embedded lzf compression code; no direct porting needed
E P 20
busybox -1 trivial portable asm for atomics, atomics and byteswap in embedded e2fsprogs code
E AE 30
gccxml -1 looks like code copied from GCC, easy to update? Not used a huge amount AFAICS
SE L 25
gmime -1 Trivial x86 asm for pointless-looking optimisation; not a priority
E P 10
mapserver -1 MapServer framework for web-based internet map services; optional x86 asm for float rounding performance, unused-looking asm for lowlevel variable munging; not a priority
6.0.1-3.2 6.0.3 E P 20
amtu 0 Abstract Machine Test Utility; lowlevel code for testing behaviour on various CPUs; would need porting for A32/A64, low priority

1.0.8 E L 20
ardour 0 Audio recording; x86 asm for performance; low priority
2.8.14-2 2.8.14 SE P 10
Sung-Hwan Kim asterisk 0 telephony system; GSM codec uses x86 for performance with C fallback 11.0.1 SE P 20
Andriy Petrus avidemux 0 video editor / transcoder; x86/ppc asm for performance; not a LEG priority, some A32?, no A64
SE P 20
oatley blender 0 3D modeller/renderer software; some asm in embedded libs,small amounts internally for things like cpuid; low priority
2.63a-1ubuntu4 2.64a E L 20
chicken 0 Scheme compiler; asm helper routines for x86 and ppc; not sure if we need similar for A32/A64
S L 20
gegl 0 Graphics lib, x86 assembly for acceleration; low priority
0.2.0-2ubuntu1 0.2.0 E P 20
Yoav Gurevich gnash 0 Flash player re-implementation; trivial x86 asm in embedded jemalloc code; not a priority
0.8.11~git20120629-1ubuntu1 0.8.10 E L 10
gridengine 0 Distributed resource management system used for distributed computing, currently not built for A32/A64; the small amount of asm seems to be in included 3rd-party libraries, shouldn't be difficult to port
E L 20
Nick Kemp groonga 0 Embeddable Fulltext Search Engine; asm in embedded copy of nginx, x86/ppc/sparc asm for atomics and bitops performance; not a priority for porting

2.0.5 E AEP 20
hxtools 0 misc tools; 2 examples written in x86 asm; not a priority for porting

20120514 S L 10
iaxclient 0 Library for creating telephony solutions; optional x86 asm for performance in embedded GSM codec, barriers in x86/ppc asm with no fallback, x86 asm for CPUID; not a priority for porting

2.1beta3 SE ALP 10
Donald McArthur icewm 0 X window manager; simple optional x86 asm for bitwise ops performance; not a priority
1.3.7-4 1.3.7 E P 10
Yoav Gurevich k9copy 0 KDE tool to backup DVDs; trivial optional x86 asm for performance in checksum code; not a priority
E P 10
libmlx4 0 Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver; asm for various arches for atomics, falls back to generic code; not a priority for porting

1.0.4 E A 20
Matthew Grosvenor lightspark 0 Free flash viewer; includes asm for x86 and ppc for YUV2RGB; not a priority
S P 10
mediatomb 0 UPnP MediaServer; optional x86 asm for atomics, falls back to pthreads otherwise; low priority
E A 10
Andriy Petrus mjpegtools 0 Multimedia lib; optional x86 and ppc asm for performance; would need porting for A32/A64
SE P 20
mlt 0 Multimedia lib; x86 asm for performance; would need porting for A32/A64, but not a priority
SE P 20
mosh 0 ssh-like remote terminal; VFP intrinsics or A32 asm for performance in crypto inner loop; not a priority
E P 10
mpich 0 Shared memory implementation; will need A64 porting
S AP 20
mpich2 0 Implementation of the MPI Message Passing Interface standard; asm for various arches (x86, ppc, mips, ia64) for atomics in the embedded openpa library (falls back to gcc builtins), asm for fast memcpy for x86; would need A32 and A64 porting; low priority
1.4.1-4ubuntu1 1.5 E AP 20
ocaml-zarith 0 ocaml large-number maths lib, x86 asm for performance with fallback to C otherwise; would need A32/A64 port
S P 20
opencore-amr 0 Adaptive Multi Rate speech codec; A32 asm for performance in maths ops; would need porting for A64, but not a priority
E P 10
par2cmdline 0 file verification and repair tool; lots of x86 asm for performance in ECC calculations; not a priority for porting

0.4-tbb-20100203 S P 10
picprog 0 Microchip PIC serial programmer software; x86 asm for timer access and to disable/re-enable interrrupts while writing, with more portable fallback; not a priority for porting

1.9.1 E L 10
Jevenijs Sterehov qlandkartegt 0 GPS device mapping tool; optional powerppc asm for byteswap performance; not a priority for porting

1.6.0 E P 10
sooperlooper 0 Looping Sampler audio utility; asm for atomics on various arches but not A32/A64; would need porting, but not a priority
1.6.18~dfsg0-1 1.6.18 E A 10
PV sqlite3 0 embeddable database engine; x86 asm for timer access; used all over the place, so quite high priority sqlite 3071401 E L 60
traverso 0 Multitrack audio recorder and editor; optional x86 asm for performance, CPUID, FPU control, barriers; not a priority for porting
xz-utils 0 x86 asm for crc and CLZ xz 5.1.1alpha+20120614-1 5.1.2alpha SE OP 40
botan1.10 1 crypto libs with x86 asm for performance, large number support, bswap; would need porting for A32/A64 botan 1.10.3-1
SE LP 20
bunny 1 Instrumented C code security fuzzer; x86-only asm for atomics and "asm" for symbol control ; will need porting, not a high priority

0.93 E AS 20
clisp 1 Common Lisp; lots of implementation stuff in asm for various platforms including A32 (soft-float ABI); will need port work for armhf or A64
2.49-8.1 2.49 E AL 20
cln 1 Maths lib; uses asm for maths operations on a range of platforms including A32; will need A64 porting; quite a number of rdeps
1.3.2-1.2 1.3.2 E L 20
coq 1 Maths lib; asm for several arches including x86 and A32, no A64 yet
8.3.pl4+dfsg-2 8.4 E L 20
coq-doc 1 Maths lib; asm for several arches including x86 and A32, no A64 yet
E L 20
Nick Kemp csound 1 sound synthesis software; trivial use of x86 asm for timing; not a priority
E L 10
cxxtools 1 library of unrelated but useful C++ classes; includes asm for atomics and memory barriers on some platforms (including x86 and A32); will need A64 porting
2.1.1-1 2.1.1 E A 20
dietlibc 1 alternative libc implementation; not a priority
0.33~cvs20120325-4 0.33.20120825 SE L 20
digikam 1 digital photo management application for KDE; small optional x86 asm for cpuid, timer access and byteswap; not a priority
E LP 10
dmtcp 1 Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing; some lowlevel asm for system interfaces, works on x86 and A32; may be interesting for A64 and would probably need port work, but not a priority for LEG
SE L 20
erlang 1 Lots of assembly for interfaces and lowlevel implementation for various arches; will need porting for A64, maybe some for A32?
SE L 50
faad2 1 freeware Advanced Audio Decoder; asm for performance for x86 and A32; not a priority for porting
E P 10
fawkes 1 Robot Software Framework; optional x86 asm for SIMD maths; not a priority for porting

0.5.0 E P 10
ffcall 1 Foreign Function Call Libraries, lots of lowlevel inter-language plumbing like libffi, but not many rdeps; low priority
1.10+cvs20100619-2build1 XXXXX SE L 20
fftw3 1 Maths lib, asm included for x86 and others including some A32; not sure of LEG priority fftw 3.3.3-2ubuntu1 3.3.3 E P 20
Matt Jang filezilla 1 graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client; x86 asm for performance in internal bignum maths; not a LEG priority
3.5.3-2ubuntu1 3.6.0-rc1 E P 10
fossil 1 Distributed Source Control Management system; x86 asm in embedded sqlite library, plus trivial performance code in SHA1 checksum code; not a priority
E P 10
freqtweak 1 audio frequency spectral manipulation; optional asm for some platforms for timer access; not a priority
0.7.2-4build1 0.7.2 E L 10
frysk 1 Execution analysis and debugging tool-suite; x86/ppc-only; not a priority for porting

0.4 E L 20
gauche 1 Scheme script engine; lots of asm in embedded copy of libgc, some optional x86 asm for maths performance; not a priority
gdal 1 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library; one usage of x86 asm for atomics with fallback to gcc builtins for other arches, some asm in embedded libs for performance; not a priority
1.9.0-3.1ubuntu1 1.9.1-fedora E AP 10
ghc 1 Haskell toolchain; works fine for A32, but will need A64 port
7.4.2-2ubuntu1 7.4.2 SE AL 20
gimp 1 graphics app; x86 asm for performance
2.8.2-1ubuntu1 2.8.2 E P 10
gnuradio 1 Software radio support; lots of x86 for fast maths function; not a priority
3.6.1-1 3.6.2 SE P 10
golang 1 "go" programming language; asm for implementation on x86 and A32, will need A64 porting
SE L 20
gprolog 1 GNU Prolog compiler; some asm for implementation for various arches, would need some work for A32 and A64; low priority
1.3.0-6.1 1.4.1 E L 20
gromacs 1 Scientific modelling package; asm for performance for some arches, but not A32/A64
4.5.5-2 4.5.5 SE P 10
hoard 1 fast, scalable, and memory-efficient allocator; optional x86 asm for timer access, commented-out x86 bitops, barriers for various arches including A32, Windows asm for prefetch; not a priority for porting AFAICS

38 E ALOP 20
hugs98 1 Haskell 98 interpreter; asm for some arches used in Foreign import wrapper; would need porting for A32/A64; not a priority
98.200609.21-5.3ubuntu1 sep2006 E L 20
kde-workspace 1 optional x86 asm for graphics scaling using MMX, plus CPUID calls to see what's there; not a priority
4.9.3-0ubuntu1 4.9.3 SE P 10
kexec-tools 1 "purgatory" code that runs between kernels; A32 port is empty (not needed), would need to look at porting for A64
2.0.3-1ubuntu2 2.0.3 SE L 20
lame 1 MP3 audio encoder; x86 asm for FPU control, plus x86 intrinsics for SIMD for performance; would need A32/A64 porting for better performance, but not a priority
E P 20
libfame 1 Multimedia lib using x86 asm for performance; not a priority for LEG
E P 20
libffado 1 Firewire audio lib, not a priority for LEG
E L 10
libgcroots 1 Roots acquisition library for Garbage Collector; asm for low-level implementation for various arches but not A32/A64; would need porting, not a high priority

0.2.3 SE L 20
libmad 1 MP3 audio decoder library with asm for performance; works already on A32, but would need A64 work. Not a priority
SE P 20
libmpeg3 1 MPEG audio/video decoder with optional x86 asm for performance; not a priority for LEG
SE P 20
libquicktime 1 Quicktime multimedia files library; x86 asm for CPUID and fast maths in graphics processing, with C fallback; not a priority
E P 10
libreoffice 1 UNO library for inter-language interop; done for A32, needs doing for A64; not a LEG priority
3.6.2~rc2-0ubuntu5 SE L 10
libvirt 1 Embedded copy of gnulib code and lowlevel x86 access; no A64 support yet
0.9.13-0ubuntu12 1.0.0 E EL 20
linphone 1 SIP softphone; optional asm for DSP-like ops for A32 (Neon) and blackfin for performance; would need some A64 porting, but not a priority
3.5.2-10 3.5.2 E P 10
luajit 1 JIT compiler for Lua; optional asm for various arches (incl A32) for performance in bitops etc.; not a priority
E P 20
mldonkey 1 file-sharing program; x86 asm for performance in crypto and checksumming (embedded crypto++ lib)
3.1.2-1 3.0.3 SE P 10
motion 1 video capture program; optional use of x86 asm/MMX for performance; not a priority
E P 10
mpeg2dec 1 mpeg video decoder; lots of asm for performance for various arches; would need A64 work but not a priority
SE P 10
mpg123 1 MP3 audio player; lots of asm for performance for various arches; would need A64 work but not a priority
SE P 10
mplayer 1 Multimedia lib, lots of asm for performance; will need A64 porting
SE P 10
mumble 1 VoIP client; lots of asm for various arches, mainly for performance in embedded codecs using SIMD where possible; would need A64 porting but not a priority
1.2.3-349-g315b5f5-2ubuntu2 1.2.3 E ELOP 10
nqp 1 "Not quite perl" - perl-like language; asm for various platforms (including A32) for lowlevel implementation in embedded "dyncall" library; would need A64 port
0.1~2012.04.1-3 2012.1 S L 10
openblas 1 Linear algebra software; lots of asm for various platforms for performance; would need porting to A32/A64, not a priority
SE P 20
openser 1 Open Source SIP Server; asm for various arches for atomics (incl A32), but some only for x86; porting needed, but not a priority

1.3.4-tls E A 20
pcre3 1 Regexp library; JIT code for better performance for some arches including A32; nothing for A64 yet pcre 8.31-1 8.32-RC1 E P 40
Sanghyun Lee php-apc 1 APC (Alternative PHP Cache) module for PHP 5; asm for various platforms for atomics (incl deprecated A32 stuff), borrowed from postgres code; would need A64 porting, high-ish priority php-pecl-apc 3.1.13-1 3.1.13 E A 50
pmtools 1 tools for processing ACPI tables; currently only built for x86/ia64, but may be wanted for A32/A64 in future, just uses x86 asm for CPUID in one tool; not a priority for porting

python-greenlet 1 stack-munging code for tasklets; code already exists for A32 but not A64; needed for openstack?
SE L 50
rawstudio 1 RAW image converter; lots of x86 asm (SSE) for performance in image manipulation, plus CPUID to detect CPU features (fallback to C code elsewhere); would benefit from A32/A64 porting, but low priority
2.0-1ubuntu3 2 E LP 10
spice-gtk 1 SPICE remote desktop client; x86-only packages, uses x86 asm for barriers and bitops performance; will need porting, but not a priority
0.14-1 0.14 E AP 10
spice-xpi 1 SPICE extension for Mozilla; x86 asm for atomics, optional x86 asm for byteswap performance; in theory already ported to A32, would want A64 porting but not a priority

2.8 E AP 10
tbb 1 Threading Building Blocks lib; needs work for A32 and A64, high priority for our workloads
4.0+r233-1 20120408 SE A 75
vlc 1 media player; asm for lots of arches including x86 and A32; would need A64 when needed
SE P 10
vo-amrwbenc 1 Audio codec with A32 asm, would need A64 when it's needed
S P 20
webrtc-audio-processing 1 AudioProcessing module from the WebRTC project; optional A32 asm for maths performance in audio processing, x86 asm for CPUID, x86 intrinsics for maths performance; not a priority for porting
E LP 10
x264 1 video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4; asm for performance on x86 and A32; would need work for A64 but not a LEG priority
SE P 20
PV xbmc 1 Multimedia app; lots of asm for several arches (x86 and A32) in several embedded libs and some visualisations; not a priority for LEG. Also some atomics, but will use gcc's builtins wehre available
SE P 10
yoshimi 1 software synthesizer based on ZynAddSubFX; optional x86 asm for CPUID, used for turning on x86 SIMD intrinsics; not a porting priority
E LP 20
codeblocks 2 IDE with helper resources for various platforms; low priority
10.05-2.1 10.05 SE L 10
crtools 2 Checkpoint/restore tools; x86-only in ASM, would need lots of porting
SE L 20
dragonegg 2 GCC plugin that uses LLVM for optimization and code generation; works on x86 and A32 only; would need major port work for A64, depends on LLVM for A64 most likely
E L 20
dvd95 2 x86-only utility for transforming DVD data; not a LEG priority for porting
E LP 10
firefox 2 browser - not needed for LEG?
17.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1 17 SE AELOPS - BINGO! 10
icedtea-web 2 Java plugin etc. May need porting; x86 assembly to determine processor features like hyperthreading, number of processors
1.3-1ubuntu1.1 1.3.1 E L 20
insight 2 Graphical debugger based on GDB; HUGE amount of embedded asm for various arches for simulation, lowlevel access, embedded copies of gdb, lumps of binutils, tcl; major undertaking to port, hopefully somebody else will be doing it with toolchain work

7.4.50 SE ELOS 20
llvm-3.1 2 Compiler - A32 done(?) do we care about A64? llvm 3.1-2ubuntu1 3.1 SE L 50
mozjs 2 Mozilla Spidermonkey javascript engine; lots of asm all over for the implementation, plus lots of embedded libs like libffi; MAJOR undertaking mozjs17 1.8.5-1.0.0+dfsg-4 1.8.5 SE AELP,everything! 40
openafs 2 Network filesystem software; utter mess of asm for various platforms, would probably need port work for A64, not sure about A32; not a priority
SE LP* 20
oprofile 2 profiler for Linux systems; asm for various arches for memory barriers, borrowed from the kernel, x86 asm for CPUID; will need some porting for A64, but not much, reasonably high priority as a commonly-used tool
0.9.8-0ubuntu1 0.9.8 E AEL 50
papi 2 Performance Application Programming Interface; lots of asm for various arches for lowlevel performance monitoring etc; lots of work to port, not sure of priority

5.0.1 SE AL 20
pcc 2 Portable C Compiler; some asm for x86/ppc for lowlevel setup; A32/A64 not supported, expect a lot of work, very low priority

20111216 E L 10
php5 2 Embedded libs: sqlite, fpm, Zend etc. Contain asm for atomics, performance, lowlevel things like timer access. Messy :-( php 5.4.6-1ubuntu2 5.4.9 E LP 70
qemu-kvm 2 qemu - exists for A32, but not A64 yet
1.2.0+noroms-0ubuntu3 1.2.0 SE L 30
sbcl 2 Common lisp implementation, lots of asm for various platforms; nothing for A32/A64 yet, would need porting if we care 1.1.1 SE L 20
seamonkey 2 Web browser, e-mail, news, IRC client, HTML editor; lots of asm for performance/lowlevel stuff in various embedded libs (breakpad, libtheora, libvpx, webrtc, libjpeg, libffi, xpcom, nspr, cairo, skia, libunwind, zlib, sqlite, nss, jemalloc); not likely to need any direct porting, but very difficult to tell in the noise

2.14 SE AELOPS 10
sigscheme 2 Embedded and modified libgc; would need work for both A32 and A64, but don't care
0.8.5-2.1 0.8.5 SE E* 20
sysprof 2 system-wide Linux profiler; only built for x86, asm for various arches (not incl A32/A64) for atomics with no fallback; not a priority for porting when perf, oprofile etc. exist

1.2.0 E A 20
thunderbird 2 Mozilla mail client; asm in embedded libraries everywhere, not a LEG priority
17.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1 17 SE ALP 10
transcode 2 Multimedia code for image/video work, lots of x86 asm; low priority
E P 20
ugene 2 integrated bioinformatics toolkit; optional x86 asm for CPUID, optional x86 asm for atomics with fallback to pthreads, (disabled) x86 asm for maths performance, Windows asm for debugging and timer access; would perform better with porting, but not a priority
valgrind 2 Toolchain; works on A32, needs A64 port
3.7.0-0ubuntu4 3.8.1 SE L 40
vips 2 C/C++ library for processing large images; seems to generate vectorised asm on the fly; more investigation needed, but not expected to be a priority

7.30.5 E LP 20
vtk 2 Visualization Toolkit; some asm in lots of embedded libs for performance, some GL ARB source files; not a priority
SE P 10
xulrunner 2 XUL Runtime for Gecko Applications; massive amounts of asm, just about all in embedded libs AFAICS (libtheora, libvpx, webrtc, libjpeg, libffi, methodjit, nss, xpcom, nsprpub, cairo, skia, libunwind, zlib, freetype2, breakpad, libtremor, libopus, libsoundtouch, libpng, libvorbis, sqlite, pixman); massive work to review all, not a priority

17 ES E 10
xvidcore 2 Open source MPEG-4 video codec; lots of asm for x86 and ppc; would need port work for A32/A64
SE P 20
zfs-fuse 2 userland ZFS filesystem implementation; includes asm for x86, sparc and ppc; would need port for A32/A64 including core ZFS code
0.7.0-8ubuntu1 0.7.0 SE A 10