Winter 2013 DPS911 and OSD700 Project Info

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  • Implement a stand-alone C implementation of
  • Implement the track element (see bug 629350) in Firefox, such that it can use the aforementioned parser
  • Complete this work in 2013, have it land in mozilla-central, ship in Firefox.


For Seneca students, patches should land in the humphd repo first, from which the mozilla repo will get updated.


  • Seneca
    • webvtt-dev mailing list for students in DPS911 and OSD700 for course, project co-ordination
  • Mozilla
    • dev-media mailing list, for async contact with Mozilla media developers
    • #media irc channel, for real-time contact with Mozilla media developers. Ralph is 'rillian' on irc.
    • #introduction irc channel, for real-time help with general Mozilla development
    • #seneca irc channel, for course/project back-channel communication


Each student is expected to drive (i.e., lead, manage) one or more areas of the project. A project of this scale and scope doesn't get finished without people watching, and caring about, all its various aspects. An initial list of major areas (please add those not included):

  • Build System, Build Automation, CI: name
  • Issues, Bugs, Triage: name
  • Documentation - External: name
  • Documentation - Internal: name
  • DOM Interface Implementation(s): name
  • WEBVTT Parser Implementation: Caitlin
  • WEBVTT Parser Integration within Gecko: Rick
  • WEBVTT Spec Tests: name
  • DOM Tests: name
  • Spec Change, Conformance, etc. Management: name