Winter 2009 Open Source Students

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Please add a all relevant personal/project info below in the provided table:



Name IRC Nick(s) Project(s) Course
Aaron Chan achan66 OO.o - To De Decided OSD600
Andrew Braini aBraini OO.o - To De Decided DPS909
Anthony Hughes ashughes Birdtorrent DPS911
Chinmay Patel chinmay To De Decided DPS911
Fred Wang WFred Coming Soon DPS909
Jatinder Singh TBA DPS909
Jerry Pau jPau To Be Decided OSD600
Jian Feng Allen Xie heyqule TBA OSD600
John Dang JohnDang To Be Determined DPS909
John Ford John64 Something from here DPS911
Joshua Doodnauth Jsdoodna XUL Application Packaging DPS911
Khanh Vu kevinvu WTP - To Be Decided OSD600
Leonard Lee Vesper Portable Canvas DPS911
Nino D'Aversa ndaversa Add GPS and Camera Support to Fennec (link to be added later) DPS911
Patrick Lam Patrick_PC_Lam C3DL Collision Detection OSD700
Ryan Wang rmwang Coming Soon DPS909
Sid Kalra Sid Mercurial History Browsing
Tony Lai TonyLai Add an Infobar Style Warning for Window Resize OSD700
Daeseon Moon daeseon Coming Soon OSD600
Jesse Valianes JesseV WTP - To Be Decided DPS911
Ladan Zahiroleslam l_zahir OOo_To be decided OSD600
Ezadkiel Villarico Marbella ezadkiel_ nsIdleService tests fail on maemo Pause image animation when system idle. DPS911