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(18:54:32) (Danushi) hi
(18:58:58) (@hexellent1) hi
(18:59:03) (@hexellent1) pasquale is still having his dinner
(18:59:14) (@BriaN_90) no i'm not lol
(18:59:18) (@hexellent1) not sure if psupreme and jas1137 are here
(18:59:33) (@psupreme) yup
(18:59:37) (jas1137) nope
(19:00:22) (@BriaN_90) lol
(19:00:48) (Danushi) what is it meeting for
(19:01:34) (Danushi) go ahead
(19:02:02) (@psupreme) for deciding who's doing what on the assignment
(19:02:22) (Danushi) ok lets to do it
(19:02:44) (Danushi) 10 + 25 +65
(19:03:17) (Danushi) each have to do 20
(19:04:05) (@BriaN_90) ok guys
(19:04:13) (@BriaN_90) i think this is what we should do
(19:04:16) (@BriaN_90) every person in the team
(19:04:19) (@BriaN_90) has to have one method
(19:04:22) (@BriaN_90) in each class
(19:04:27) (@BriaN_90) because we are a team
(19:04:35) (@BriaN_90) so we need to work as a "team"
(19:04:38) (@BriaN_90) this means
(19:04:41) (@BriaN_90) me Pasquale
(19:05:02) (@BriaN_90) will do one method of field, dialog and label
(19:05:08) (@BriaN_90) clinton the same thing
(19:05:23) (@BriaN_90) at least one
(19:05:23) (@BriaN_90) sorry
(19:05:29) (@BriaN_90) jassy the same thing
(19:05:31) (@BriaN_90) slava the same thing
(19:05:34) (@BriaN_90) agron the same thing
(19:05:38) (@psupreme) jassy lolz
(19:06:03) (@psupreme) okay
(19:06:08) (@psupreme) Ill do CDialog::Draw
(19:06:11) (@BriaN_90) lol
(19:06:19) (@psupreme) CLabel::set
(19:06:50) (Danushi) for me leave the eassy one
(19:07:10) (@hexellent1) agron u will get all the destructors
(19:07:20) (Danushi) ok
(19:07:32) (@BriaN_90) i can get the constructors of each classes
(19:07:36) (@BriaN_90) plus something else
(19:07:58) (@hexellent1) psupreme, so you just want to stick with CDalog::draw and Clabel::set?
(19:08:04) (@psupreme) yeah
(19:08:10) (@psupreme) i believe jas has already started working on
(19:08:13) (@psupreme) CDialog::edit
(19:08:18) (jas1137) yea
(19:08:35) (@psupreme) I can also do CDialog::add
(19:09:02) (@BriaN_90) i think i can overload the two operators in the dialog
(19:10:24) (@psupreme) I was going to impliment a linked list for CDialog::add
(19:10:29) (@psupreme) instead of using a fixed size array
(19:11:01) (@BriaN_90) yes why not if u think it will not cause problems
(19:11:04) (@BriaN_90) u can do right away
(19:11:08) (@BriaN_90) or just do it after
(19:11:12) (@BriaN_90) in another release
(19:11:37) (@psupreme) Ill do it when we get the test, and we can compile properly
(19:11:57) (@BriaN_90) sounds good
(19:12:45) (@psupreme) what about hexellent1?
(19:13:40) (@hexellent1) let's see...
(19:14:53) (@BriaN_90) i was talking about the << operators
(19:15:03) (@BriaN_90) but i can do something else
(19:15:26) (@psupreme) << operator just one line
(19:15:38) (@hexellent1) so we're left with CDialog's editable, fieldNum, curIndex, operator, curField
(19:15:44) (@psupreme) add(field); // done.
(19:15:56) (@hexellent1) what did jas1137 get?
(19:15:57) (@BriaN_90) cool
(19:16:03) (jas1137) edit
(19:16:07) (@psupreme) fieldNum, curIndex, operator and curField already done
(19:16:20) (@psupreme) i did it when making the function prototypes
(19:16:25) (@psupreme) just 1 lines
(19:16:26) (@psupreme) getters
(19:16:41) (@BriaN_90) oh ok lol
(19:16:55) (@hexellent1) so Cdialog's editable() is the only thing that's left?
(19:16:57) (@BriaN_90) well i can do something else other the constructors
(19:17:30) (@psupreme) editable one line too
(19:17:33) (@psupreme) did that aswell
(19:17:37) (@psupreme) return _editable;
(19:17:46) (@psupreme) here
(19:17:50) (@psupreme) do draw hexellent1
(19:18:12) (@hexellent1) it seems like you did everything
(19:18:14) (@psupreme) ill do CLabel::set and CLabel::add
(19:18:19) (@psupreme) only the one liners
(19:19:56) (@hexellent1) okay, so let's clear things up. psupreme, you finished editable, fieldNum, curIndex, operator, curField and now you wanna do the set and both adds. correct?
(19:20:14) (@hexellent1) jas1137 just started working on Cdialog's edit?
(19:20:23) (jas1137) yea
(19:20:42) (@hexellent1) and you want to stick with edit?
(19:21:06) (jas1137) i've already started it, so...
(19:21:18) (@hexellent1) i mean, edit is the only method you wanna work on?
(19:21:28) (jas1137) no, i'll work on anything
(19:21:30) (@psupreme) well, i did editable,fieldNum,curIndex,[],curField, though, they're all just one line, and require no thinking
(19:23:14) (@hexellent1) so then edit, draw, add, add are the heaviest ones in Cdialog
(19:23:36) (@psupreme) edit is the biggest
(19:23:54) (@hexellent1) any ideas how big are the << operators?
(19:23:58) (@psupreme) 1 line
(19:24:00) (@psupreme) 2 lines
(19:24:07) (@psupreme) because it says
(19:24:16) (@psupreme) Makes a direct call to the second add method, returning *this
(19:26:20) (@hexellent1) ok let's take a look at the other classes
(19:26:46) (@psupreme) CField looks like it consists of 1 line methods
(19:27:17) (Danushi) everything look like one line
(19:27:28) (Danushi) are you sure
(19:27:58) (@hexellent1) psupreme, what percentage of the total project do you think you have completed by now?
(19:28:04) (@psupreme) 5%
(19:28:44) (jas1137) what about the total percentage that's due next wed?
(19:28:49) (@hexellent1) I didn't have much time to properly look through the project on the wiki, so it's hard for me to divide it evenly
(19:29:06) (@BriaN_90) the edit inside the field
(19:29:12) (@BriaN_90) is the edit that we already wrote?
(19:29:14) (@psupreme) I have looked through it well, want me to divy up the work load?
(19:29:17) (@hexellent1) can you perhaps recommend on how it would be best to divide it?
(19:29:44) (@psupreme) okay
(19:29:53) (@psupreme) jas1137: CDialog::edit
(19:29:57) (@hexellent1) I'll be working from saturday till tuesday, for as long as it takes to finish the thing, so don't be afraid of me or us falling behind
(19:30:05) (@hexellent1) feel safe to divide it evenly
(19:30:12) (@BriaN_90) of course
(19:30:17) (@BriaN_90) now i wanna focus on dbs
(19:30:18) (@BriaN_90) after friday
(19:30:26) (@BriaN_90) i will finish this assignment
(19:30:32) (@BriaN_90) (my part of course)
(19:30:35) (@hexellent1) go on psupreme..
(19:30:38) (@psupreme) yeah
(19:30:42) (@psupreme) writing it out
(19:30:46) (@hexellent1) okay
(19:31:36) (@hexellent1) I have the psychology midterm on thursday, and dbs midterm on friday, i will be preparing for both tomorrow. so i will get started on friday night
(19:32:43) (Danushi) I have to see it during the break
(19:34:14) (@psupreme) BriaN_90: CLabel constructors and CField class
(19:34:14) (@psupreme) Jas1137: CDialog::edit, CDialog::<< operators
(19:34:14) (@psupreme) hexcellent: CDialog::draw, CLabel::draw, CDialog constructor
(19:34:14) (@psupreme) psupreme: CDialog::add, CLabel::set
(19:34:14) (@psupreme) Danushi: All destructors
(19:34:34) (Danushi) did you devide all assignment in 20%
(19:34:51) (Danushi) are the destructors 20%
(19:35:49) (Danushi) I don't think so
(19:36:05) (Danushi) I have to do something else
(19:36:09) (@psupreme) You can do the << operators on CDialog too if you want
(19:36:16) (@psupreme) instead of jas1137
(19:36:39) (Danushi) ok I will try that
(19:38:32) (@hexellent1) allright sounds good then
(19:39:53) (@BriaN_90) yes it sounds good for me too