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[16:39] <Danushi> Hi
[16:40] <Danushi> hi
[16:41] <@BriaN_90> ok guys i think now we are all here
[16:41] <@BriaN_90> right? 
[16:41] <Danushi> yes
[16:42] <@hexellent> i think it's just 3 of us
[16:42] <Danushi> how do you know
[16:42] <@hexellent> now we have to wait for jas1137 and psupreme
[16:43] <@hexellent> cause they're not responding
[16:43] <Danushi> may be
[16:49] <@hexellent> jas1137 and psupreme let us know when you're here, we'll wait.
[16:54] <@BriaN_90> i can't wait for long time guys
[16:54] <@BriaN_90> i have plan for tonight :D
[16:54] <@hexellent> what time do u have to go?
[16:54] <@BriaN_90> lol
[16:54] <@BriaN_90> i need to take a shower at 5.30
[16:54] <@BriaN_90> and then leave at 6.30
[16:55] <@hexellent> u don't need a shower, u smell great
[16:55] <@BriaN_90> i know man i always smeel great
[16:55] <@BriaN_90> thanks
[17:10] -> -#while(false)- hello!
[17:10] <@BriaN_90> nobody home
[17:19] <@hexellent> they were here not too long ago, jas1137 joined the channel and psupreme opped him ^_^
[17:20] <@BriaN_90> :(
[17:20] <@jas1137> sup
[17:20] <@BriaN_90> hey
[17:20] <@hexellent> hi jas
[17:20] <@hexellent> is psupreme around?
[17:21] <@jas1137> psupreme is away atm
[17:21] <@hexellent> any ideas when he's coming back?
[17:21] <@jas1137> nope
[17:21] <@hexellent> can you call him?
[17:21] <@jas1137> he's been away for a while
[17:22] <@jas1137> his cell isn't working right now D:
[17:23] <@hexellent> okay then I guess we'll do this without him, later he can read the logs
[17:23] <@BriaN_90> yes we can post the log for him
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[17:25] * Topic is 'Meeting on Friday October 14, on IRC. We'll start as soon as everyone is here.'
[17:25] * Set by hexellent!hexellent@unaffiliated/hexellent on Fri Oct 14 15:25:45
[17:26] <Danushi> what happend slava
[17:26] <hexellent> my router is acting up again
[17:26] <@BriaN_90> lol
[17:26] <Danushi> what is the plan for the job in oop
[17:26] <Fplus> Hmm let me think... Danushi.
[17:27] <Danushi> three functions for 5 people
[17:27] <hexellent> Okay, since we'll be working as a team, we should equally split the amount of work that needs ot be done among all team members
[17:27] <@BriaN_90> three classes
[17:28] <hexellent> to be able to do this we have to wait until Fardad posts the weight for each method
[17:28] <@BriaN_90> slava i think jas and psupreme want to start tonight
[17:29] <hexellent> once he posts this information, we will then split the methods among team members to make sure every person in the team gets the similar amount of work for the assignment
[17:29] <Danushi> i think three to do the biggest function
[17:30] <hexellent> Danushi, it's a class with the most method, but it doesn't mean that it's the hardest one to code, which is why we need to wait until he posts the difficulty/weight for each method
[17:30] <hexellent> most methods*
[17:31] <hexellent> until fardad posts this information we should wait, if anybody in a team has the urge to start working on one of the methods they should feel free to do so
[17:31] <@BriaN_90> right that's what i proposed today
[17:31] <Danushi> is it better to ask fardad to post that asap
[17:32] <Danushi> I have to leave in 5 minutes
[17:34] <@BriaN_90> ye man me too
[17:34] <hexellent> I think it's important to split the work among team members equally, it's not a good idea to have somebody take the bigger amount of the project, and have the rest work on a smaller portion of the project, ending up contributing less
[17:34] <@BriaN_90> i agree!
[17:34] <hexellent> what do the rest think?
[17:34] <@BriaN_90> we have to do three classes
[17:35] <Danushi> i agree
[17:35] <hexellent> jas1137?
[17:35] <@jas1137> I agree, we should wait for the post but psupreme and I wanted to start working on it now :P We thought we could do some of dialog.
[17:35] <@BriaN_90> so we can split the classes so that everybody can code different metods for different classes
[17:35] <@jas1137> dialog was the biggest one i think so it'll have to be split up into 2 or 3
[17:36] <@BriaN_90> no jas i think everybody has to write a method in the dialog
[17:36] <@BriaN_90> similar in the field and label
[17:37] <hexellent> that's right. if you have the need to start working on it now for whatever reason (maybe you won't have time during the study week) then feel free to start working on it, but whatever methods u choose to work on, they're yours, if one of you picks too many methods to work on and end up taking a bigger portion of the project, these methods should be taken away from that team member and given to someone who doesn't have enough to work on
[17:38] <hexellent> I think that's the fair thing to do, what do you think?
[17:38] <@BriaN_90> yes
[17:38] <@jas1137> Sounds good to me
[17:39] <@BriaN_90> i would like to do at least on method for each class
[17:39] <Danushi> ok
[17:39] <@jas1137> psupreme already added the method stubs
[17:39] <hexellent> Brian_90, jas1137, we don't know how complex the Dialog class is, we might even need to split it among 5 members, or maybe 2 people will be able to handle it, we will know for sure once Fardad posts the addtional information
[17:39] <hexellent> I will discuss this further with Fardad on Monday
[17:39] <Danushi> sorry, i have to go now
[17:39] <hexellent> take care Danushi
[17:39] <@BriaN_90> guys i think the best thing is to wait untill monday
[17:39] <@BriaN_90> after monday
[17:40] <Danushi> thanks you too
02[17:40] * Danushi (Danushi@CPE940c6df9d8ab-CM00159a67f238.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> we can start working on it
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> right now we have to weeks to do it
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> and we are 5 people
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> i can't see this rush 
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> for 2 days
[17:41] <@BriaN_90> that's what i think :P
02[17:43] * Fplus (~L@216-58-63-232.cpe.distributel.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:43] <hexellent> If somebody has a strong reason to start working now, they can do it, otherwise I say we wait until we divide the project among all team members once we know the difficulty of each method
[17:44] <hexellent> but I don't think it should matter really if somebody does start working on one of the methods
[17:45] <hexellent> because once we know the difficulty of each method, and this person ended up doing their portion of work, this person won't get any extra methods to work on
[17:46] <hexellent> let's say Brian_90 finished doing his work 1 week before the due date, and another teammate is really behind, he then Brian_90 can help that teammate finish that method
[17:46] <hexellent> so 1) split the amount of work equally among members 2) help each other when needed.
[17:46] <hexellent> I hope we're all on the same page here
[17:47] <@jas1137> yup, i'll pass the info on to psupreme whenever he gets back
[17:48] <hexellent> awesome. if anybody else have anything to add please do, otherwise I must go work on my psychology homework
[17:48] <hexellent> Brian_90?
[17:51] <@BriaN_90> yeah
[17:52] <@BriaN_90> it's ok for me
[17:52] <@BriaN_90> i totally agree :P
[17:52] <hexellent> okay you all have a nice weekend :)
[17:53] <@jas1137> see ya
[17:53] <@BriaN_90> byee