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(Blog Posts 8)
(Blog Posts)
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*Shaohua's solution for basicMath problem
*Shaohua's solution for basicMath problem
*:[http://shliu2.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/basicmath-c/ Shao's Blog]
*:[http://shliu2.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/basicmath-c/ Shao's Blog]
*Justin Sean Wilkin's solution
*:[http://jswilkin.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/basicmath/ BasicMath on Justin's Blog]
===Resources 3===
===Resources 3===

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources
Under construction!

Week 1 - Sep 3

This Week 1

  • Introduction to Open Source development.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    • Wiki
    • Blog
    • IRC
    • Code Repository
      Git, Svn, ....
    • Big Blue Button
  • Etherpad
  • Object Orientation Review
  • C Review
    main Function return value
    pointers and arrays

To Do 1

Due Sep 6th (Friday) 18:00

  1. Create an account on github
    1. Make sure your account name is presentable. This name will stay with you forever.
    2. Make sure your information on github is complete (real name, email, etc...)
  2. Send ONE email to me(Fardad) containing your git hub id
    subject of the email should be 344Github20133
    email content
    name: Your Name (exactly as it appears on your Seneca student card)
    nickname: Your Nick name (how friends usually call you)
    Git hub ID: your Github id

Due by Sep 8th, 23:59

  1. Create a blog (anywhere you like or use the one you already have)
  2. Join the IRC by registering your nickname on freenode server and joining the #seneca-oop344 channel for 344 related dialog
    Additional channels of interest: #seneca to interact with all Seneca students participating in opensource projects, and #seneca-social for Social (off-topic) dialog.
  3. Read Pro-git book
    Chapter One and Chapter Two
  4. Create an account on this wiki: send an email to cdot-wiki-admin@senecac.on.ca and ask for an account, an email will be sent back to you with your userid and a temporary password; make sure you have the following included in your email.
    • Email subject: Wiki Account Request
    • The subject you are enrolled in: "OOP344"
    • Your Seneca user id
    • Send this email from your Seneca Account only
  5. Learn how to do basic editing in a wiki

Resources 1

Week 2 - Sep 10

This Week 2

  • C++ Review (Lecture)
    • Pointers and arrays
    • Object Orientation
    • Classes and privacy
    • Helpers and Friends
    • Inheritance and polymorphism
    • Operators
    • Dynamic Memory
    • pre-processor directives

To Do 2

  • If you have not already, request an account on this wiki (admin email can be found on wiki login page, top right of the screen)
  • Add your information to The Student List as soon as possible

  • Git Exercise: (You need to generate an SSH key before you can do this exercise)
    • Fork the exercise 1 repo from github into your account
    • Clone the repo in your account to your local machine
    • Open the solution in Visual Studio 2012
    • Find the errors in the program and fix them (Discussing this on the IRC channel is encouraged, but supplying answers is frowned upon)
    • Check your output against the oop344-ex1-output to be sure you corrected the program properly
    • Once complete, add the file to your git stage and commit it with a message that details what you did to fix the program
    • Push the commit back to your git repository

Resources 2

Week 3 - Sep 17

This Week 3

  • pre-processor directives
    • macros
    • Conditional Compilation
  • Operators
    • logical
    • lazy eval
  • consts
    • values
    • pointers
    • methods
  • void pointers
  • default args
  • typedef, (including C usage)
  • namespace

To Do 3

  • Write a program called basicMath:
$ bm 2 + 3<Enter>
$ 5
$ bm 2 x 3<Enter>
$ 6
$ bm Heehaw the hoohoo<Enter>
$ bm <number> <+-x/> <number><ENTER>
  • Write a function that receives the env[] array and an environment variable name and returns the value.
  • Write a function called strncat that concats several strings
strncat(des, "Hello", " I am ", "testing ", "this!", 0);

Code these, blog and discuss it.... link title

Blog Posts

    *:Zhen's slight improvement to Adam's code
    *:Adam's code
    *:Len's slight improvement to Andrew's code
    *:Len's code
    *:Ragu's slight modification to Zhen's code
    *:Ragu's Code
    Takes advantage of:
    *:Object Oriented Concepts which include the class
    *:Preprocessor macro
    *:GitHub source code of all stages(Feel free to folk and improve)

Resources 3

Week 4 - Sep 24

This Week 4

To Do 4

  • Download project from github (do not fork, your code must remain private)

Blog Posts

Resources 4

  • CIO Library
    • contains the bconsole.h and bconsole.cpp files for the assignment, also contains a start to the assignment with a near complete console.h file and a non-finalized version of the display method, and a rough skeleton of the edit method

Week 5 - Oct 01

This Week 5

To Do 5

  • Release 0.1 (the Console class) is due Wednesday Oct 09 23:59
    Details of how to submit will be announced later

Blog Posts 5

  • Andrew Daniele's Car blog
    • the main.cpp code in this blog post will use your display method to drive a car around in the terminal

Resources 5

Week 6 - Oct 08

This Week 6

  • Linked Lists

To Do 6

  • Challenge
    do depth() copy constructor and reverse() for the stack in oct 08 lecture code: secB Oct08
  • reverse() is supposed to make stack in reversed order (Dmitry Romanenko)

Blog Posts 6

Resources 6

Linked Lists: http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/lesson15.html

Week 7 - Oct 15

This Week 7

  • Project review
  • Templates

To Do 7

Blog Posts 7

Resources 7

Week 8 - Oct 22 (STUDY break)

This Week 8

To Do 8

Blog Posts 8

  • Thana's Doubly Linked List - No Iter yet(Sec C)
    Thana's Blog

Resources 8

Week 9 - Oct 29

This Week 9

  • Test One
    1. Secion A and B
      Section A, Wed 30th
      Section B, Tue 29th
      References Allowed: 2 bound packs of paper (i.e. text book and class notes) Single sheets not allowed.
      what is going to be on the test?
      everything from ipc144 to linked lists in oop344
    2. Section C:

To Do 9

Blog Posts 9

Resources 9