Weekly Schedule 20131 - OOP344

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Week 1 - Jan 6

This Week 1

  • Introduction to Open Source development.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    • Wiki
    • Blog
    • IRC
    • Code Repository
    • Big Blue Button
  • Etherpad
  • Object Orientation Review
  • C Review
    pointers and arrays

To Do by Jan 14

  1. Read Pro-git book
    Chapter One and Chapter Two
  2. Create an account on github
  3. Create a blog (anywhere you like)
  4. Join the IRC by registering your nickname on freenode server and joining the #seneca-oop344 channel for 344 related dialog
    Additional channels of interest: #seneca to interact with all Seneca students participating in opensource projects, and #seneca-social for Social (off-topic) dialog.
  5. Select a team of four students and pick a name for you team
  6. Send one email per team to me and send your github and team information
    subject of the email should be 344info20131
    email content
    team name:
    nickname 1:
    name 1:
    surname 1:
    seneca username 1:
    github id 1:
    nickname 2:
    name 2:
    surname 2:
    seneca username 2:
    github id 2:
    number of team members:
  7. Create an account on this wiki: send an email to cdot-wiki-admin@senecac.on.ca and ask for an account, an email will be sent back to you with your userid and a temporary password; make sure you have the following included in your email.
    • Email subject: Wiki Account Request
    • The subject you are enrolled in: "OOP344"
    • Your Seneca user id
    • Send this email from your Seneca Account only
  8. Learn how to do basic editing in a wiki
  9. Having all the information above add your name to the student list

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