Weekly Schedule 20111 - OOP344

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OOP344 -- Weekly Schedule 2011/1 (Winter Semester)

Week 1 - Jan 9

This Week

  • Introduction to Open Source development.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    • Wiki
    • Blog
    • IRC
    • Code Repository
  • 144/244 review

To Do

Due date: January 15th , 23:59 (11:59pm)

Form a team of 5 students and select a name for your team. (members can be from both sections of oop344)

  1. Create an account on this wiki, (please use your seneca email id for your wiki id)
  2. Join the IRC by registering your nickname on freenode server and joining the #seneca-oop344 channel for 344 related dialog
    Additional channels of interest: #seneca to interact with all Seneca students participating in opensource projects, and #seneca-social for Social (off-topic) dialog.
  3. Create a blog (if you don't already have one)
  4. Add your name to the OOP344 Student List
  5. Download SVN and check out the OOP344 repo(svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344) to get the notes done in class (userid: "oop344", no password)