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Volunteers List

A list of fssos volunteers

Volunteer Jobs

The following describes the jobs that we will require volunteers to do. It will specify the date, the time, location, how long it will take, and the maximum number of people we will need for each job. Most volunteer work will be done during the week of the event but some jobs have to be done before hand. If you see something that you are able/interested in helping with, please sign up by adding your name to this page by editing this wiki. If you need more info on a job or need more info about editing this wiki, please contact Cathy at: catherine.leung@senecac.on.ca

Hand out flyers

  • Date(s): Oct. 4
  • Time: around the lunch hour
  • Location: On campus
  • Duration: one to two hours
  • Max. Volunteer needed: 2
  • Description: Hand out flyers for the event around the campus (mostly near SEQ Cafe.)

Signup here (closed)

  • Rueen Fiez
  • Vincent Lam

Facebook Event Promoter

  • Date(s): Now and Ongoing
  • Time: N/A
  • Location: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Max. Volunteer needed: 1
  • Description: We need someone who is familiar with facebook to help promote the fsoss event via face book. If you are interested in this, please signup and also contact Serge Khodorkovsky as he will be working on this as well. His email can be found on the cs faculty list.

Signup here (closed)

  • Zishan Ghulam