Vista and me

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Hardware Configuration

I first attempted to install Vista on my home desktop purchased in 2002. See the image below for specs.

System Specs

Installation Disk

Downloaded from Microsoft and utilized supplied key once I was registered.

Vista Key Confirmation

Initial Impressions

  • Eager to run some quick test scenarios on the new OS.
  • Liked what I had seen about the UI, and the "new" features incorporated.
  • Had read differing views as to Vista's success but wanted to evaluate for myself.
  • As a loyal Windows user from Win98 and on I assumed I would join up with Vista.


Searching for a Solution

Searching for the error I tracked people in a similar situations, and the same solution came up again and again: "Buy a new DVD drive!". Could they be serious? Just to install Vista I would need a new drive, that is insanity!

The End