Using SVN for OOP344 Project - 20112

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Checkout team repository

  1. create a directory on the local machine (this happens usually only once on each workstation for development)
  2. checkout the repository into the directory
    using GUI (TortoiseSVN) right click on the directory and select SVN Checkout
    by doing this you have a copy of the whole repo on your computer.

Create your workspace

  1. create a directory in branches using your seneca id
    add this directory to the repository (right click on the dir and select TortoiseSVN/add)
    commit this dir to repo so it will be saved on the server (right click on the dir and select SVN Commit
    note that this dir is referred as your workspace

branch the trunk for development

  • branch the trunk into a dir under your workspace in branches
    1. Right-click on trunk directory
    2. Choose TortoiseSVN and click on branch/tag...
    3. Click on the [...] button on the right under "To URL:"
    4. Go to the root directory, then branches directory, click on your workspace, then press "OK"
    5. Edit the URL created by adding a slash and a directory name you want (a.k.a create a new directory)
    6. The directory name should be a name of your work (whatever you are going to work on)
    7. Type in the log message and press "OK"
  • update your repository to get the branch on your local machine

start coding and complete the task

  1. code
  2. compile
  3. test
  4. compile
  5. commit (commit changes back to repo on server)

merge the branch back to trunk

  1. make sure branch is commited
  2. right click on trunk and select TortoiseSVN/merge
  3. select your branch
  4. merge by default settings and resolve possible conficts

Test and commit trunk

  1. recompile and test merged trunk
  2. update trunk status on wiki team page to commiting
    if the status is already commiting wait for it to be done
  3. commit trunk
  4. resolve possible problems
  5. commit again
  6. update trunk status on wiki team page to commited