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This page was created for the Open Source Development(OSD600) course.<br>
This page was created for the Open Source Development(OSD600) course.<br>
== Updates ==
== Labs ==
'''December 6th, 08 - Saturday (LAB 8)'''
'''December 6th, 08 - Saturday (LAB 8)'''
My last Chrome Lab - [[Media:my_last.zip]]
My last Chrome Lab - [[Media:my_last.zip]]

Latest revision as of 03:31, 6 December 2008


This is studying in the OSD600 course in the fall 2008 semester as part of the CPA curriculum.

Visit my wiki page at http://zghansar.wordpress.com/


Zaid Ghansar



My Open source blog can be found here


Thunderbird Image Auto-Resize:

You can find more information about this project here: Thunderbird Image Auto-Resize

Contributions Received

Contributions Done

  • Submitted Build Times for Patrick's Profile the build system
  • Live chat support for Mozilla
  • Support forum responses for Mozilla sample
  • UA Profiler is a community-driven project for gathering browser performance characteristics [1]
  • (Tjbro) : Suggested some Ubiquity Thunderbird commands.
  • (Chinmay) : Suggested some keywords for his attachment reminder addon.
  • Distcc installtion in CDOT


My Blog: http://zghansar.wordpress.com
Project Information: Thunderbird Image Auto-Resize
Excellent tutorial on how to write an extension
My Bug Lab
Bug 241197 (gmail like email in Thunderbird)

About Me

I'm in the Computer Programming and Analysis course, 3rd year, 6th Semester. Heading towards Software Development specialization. This page was created for the Open Source Development(OSD600) course.


December 6th, 08 - Saturday (LAB 8) My last Chrome Lab - Media:my_last.zip

November 23rd, 08 - Sunday (LAB 7) XPCom Lab - Media:znew.zip

November 8th, 08 - Saturday (LAB 6) Firefox tab Add-on Lab Here is a Add-on Media:zTabAddon.xpi

November 7th, 08 - Friday (LAB 5) Firefox tab behavior Lab: Here is the patch for the lab, it affects file tabbrowser.xml: File:ZPatch.zip

October 12th, 08 - Sunday (LAB 4) My Thunderbird patch is here: Media:changes.zip
My Bug from the lab is here: Bug 6819

September 17th, 08 - Thursday (LAB 3) Codebase lab

September 17th, 08 - Wednesday (LAB 2) My First Build

September 13th, 08 - Saturday (LAB 1) Uniquity Lab blog