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Setup Extension Development Environment

Install Program and SDK program and SDK can be installed through package manager program, such as apt-get (aptitude in Ubuntu), yum, and pacman. Also, several GUI font-end for package manager programs are available to make installation easier. On Ubuntu, Synaptic is good choice. YumEx is the best option on Fedora.

  • Ubuntu: Synaptic locates at System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager. Package Name: and
  • Fedora: YumEx does not come with distribution. It is needed to be installed manually.

Note: On Ubuntu, if you use program that comes with distribution, and try to install SDK that is downloaded from website, you may encounter dependency issue. You should the SDK that come with distribution.

Install NetBean, and Extension Development Plugin

NetBean can be installed through package manager as well. After installation, you can install development plugin in NetBean. Lunch NetBean, select Plugins under Tool menu. Then switch to Available Plugins tab, and install OOo API plugin. Finally, select Options under Tool menu, and go to Miscellaneous -> OOo API Plugins tab. Fill in the path to program and SDK.

Path to Program and SDK

  • Ubuntu:
    • /usr/lib/openoffice
    • /usr/lib/openoffice/basis3.2/sdk