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Joined 7 September 2010
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Contact Information

Name Steven Weerdenburg
Email sweerdenburg [AT] learn [DOT] senecac [DOT] on [DOT] ca
IRC stevenaw
Blog blog

About Me

Steven Weerdenburg is a 7th semester student in Seneca's Bachelor of Software Development program. He comes to Seneca with a 3-year advanced diploma from Lambton College in Web Application Development, where he worked primarily with PHP, .NET and System i technologies. Upon attending Seneca, his focus shifted towards .NET and C/C++. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and working on personal projects.

Technical Skills

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • VB.NET
  • RPG IV
  • SQL


BTH740 - Human Factors in Computing

Presently drafting a research essay on the accessibility of the web in a device-independent context.

DPS901 - Introduction to Game Programming

Presently working on a team of five to create a Windows-based game using DirectX 9 through the fwk4gps framework created by Chris Szalwinski.

DPS909 - Topics in Open Source Development

Chrome Experiments (FF4)

For the first short bit, the class worked to identify any bugs in Firefox through use of the Chrome Experiments. They were split them up so that each student was responsible for 10 of them (myself with experiments 71-80. The offending experiments (aka test cases) were then collated and subjected to a second round of testing and finally filing. The complete list of class findings can be seen here.

Bugs Filed:

Primary Project (NFB)

My primary project will be to collaborate with Kevin Lasconia and the community at the National Film Board to create a video player in HTML5 and JavaScript. This project will be to work alongside their current Flash-based player, which will serve as a fallback in a non-compliant browser. Complete project details can be found on our project page or at the NFB's developer spec.

Secondary Project (C3DL)

As browsers are incorporating hardware acceleration as standard, WebGL is on the horizon as a web technology. The C3DL JavaScript library has been in development to make it easier for web applications to use WebGL. They are presently working to refactor the existing code and incorporate a build system as well as automated testing environment. I will contribute to this project in addition to my primary project above.

Weekly Progress

Week of Project Accomplished
September 26, 2010 NFB Prototype fallback to Flash if <video/> tag is not supported. [1]
October 3, 2010 NFB Hello World on Canvas[2], Experiments with OOP JavaScript and Timing [3]
- Built Mozilla Firefox from source[4]
October 10, 2010 NFB Git/Github repo setup[5], JS OOP/serialization/cookies/DOM Manipulation[6], Sequential Video playing [7]
C3DL PHP process control [8]
October 17, 2010 NFB Library creation and Merging of Prototypes, 0.1 Release [9]
C3DL PHP Process Control Implementation and Permission Setup [10]