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I'm Sezar Gantous in CPA program. Over the semesters at Seneca I got really into Web programing more than anything. You can check out my lab in int422 class(using ASP.NET/C# with a lot of JavaScript / jQuery and some AJAX) [http://warp.senecac.on.ca/int422_121a13/ here], and the project that I'm currently working on [http://warp.senecac.on.ca/int422_121a13/Project/ here](yes it's not as stable and efficient since it's a school project and there is only one release!) which is best viewed on FireFox8+. The current oop344 project is going smoothly. I really hope that we get to R1.0 and build the application. I guess we can only work hard and see...
you can contact me through:
My e-mail: [mailto:sganouts@learn.senecac.on.ca sganouts@learn.senecac.on.ca]
oop344 Blog: [http://777sblog.blogspot.com/ The blog]
IRC nick: NULLbyte
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