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Under Construction (sounds from hammers and nails in the background) More to come.

Name: Stephen Brooks
Age: 28
Interests: Computer Languages, Operating Systems (Windows, Linux Distros) and want to learn Mac Os X, Text Editors, IDE's, programming Books, Kindle Ebooks, PC Game when I'm bored and have time. Old Hobbies yet still revisit now and then include: Collecting rocks, minerals and fossils, coins, and stamps. Astronomy facinates me.
Programming Languages I want to learn starting in 2011 - ????: Ruby, Python, D (Owned by Digital Mars), Objective-C, Java (yes I still haven't learned this language yet, only had a taste of it.), Bash, and awk. I won't be able to learn all these languages at once and definately not in one year, but I'd like to start with D as a hobby language for fun. More important languages like Java will be learned through my CPA Program here at Seneca which shouldn't be that difficult to learn. To be honest Java looks safer than C/C++, although it's known to be slower.

Useful Websites I Visit: