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FSOSS 2014 Report

Key Note Bob Young

Bob Young is co-founder of Red Hat Inc. and also the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. He is a huge software and open source fan. Everything is distributed by Red Hat is under GPL license. Bob Young claim himself to be “One of the world worst students” and how academic people don’t like him! He believes that your academic success has 0 correlation to your success in life and how marks don’t matter; only what you learn matters. It was great to hear from one of the very first people who work in the open source field. He talked about how he was just a type writer seller, lost his job and became unemployed to become the co-founder of Red Hat. He talked about how his meeting with Dr. Thomas Sterling change his point of view about Open source. He also mentioned briefly of how GPL license is invented, what he like and doesn’t like about GPL. He also answers interesting questions such as should company rely on poorly maintained open source projects. He talked about how some of the open source projects that got so big and it became unmaintainable for the original project owner and then shifted to a new owner who is more capable of maintaining the project. He also talks about the reason behind Linux changes from KDE desktop to Gnome desktop. How one piece of permissive software in an open source project can cause so much trouble for Red Hat to the point they have to write their own Linux Desktop.

Building a CI system with free tools, and duct tape by by Julian Egelstaff

You must attend two talks and write a report and analysis of the two. Your report must be 1,000 words in length and include:

Julian Egelstaff is an enthusiastic open source developer. He shows us how to add automated testing to our development process using GitHub, Travis-CI, Sauce Labs and Selenium builder. It creates a continuous integration system that can test your web application after every single commit on GitHub. It’s free for all open sources project so you can run as many test as you want. There is a monthly fee for using Travis-CI and Sauce Labs if your project is not open source. So as long as your project is open source, you can use it for free forever! This is why “open source is awesome!”

The speaker main point here is just to show how web developer can use different set of tool to have a continuous integration of system that can be tested and to show how awesome it is to be an open source project because there are many tools are free for open source projects.