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FSOSS 2014 Report

Key Note Bob Young

Building a CI system with free tools, and duct tape by by Julian Egelstaff

You must attend two talks and write a report and analysis of the two. Your report must be 1,000 words in length and include:

  • Summaries of two talks.
    • What was each talk about?
    • What was the speaker's main point?
    • What was the speaker's background and point of view?
  • Analysis of each speaker's views on open source. He/she may not mention it explicitly. You must listen and try to understand based on what they are saying, and perhaps not saying.
    • Comparison of the points made by the presenters.
    • What can you say about open source in the light of the points they made?
    • Do the speakers have similar views of open source or do they disagree? How so?
  • Conclusion about your views on open source
  • Does the picture of open source you've seen presented in these talks challenge or confirm your own views about what open source is and how it functions?