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In the Bachelor of Software Development (BSD) program. Favorite Language: Java.

Name: Rueen Fiez
Blog: Open Source blog


  • Automated Localization Build Tool - we are in currently working on our 0.2 release and are anticipating completion of the release by the end of october. We plan to start the 0.3 release in November.

Automated Localization Build Tool (0.1 Release)

  1. Software Requirements: Python --> Get it from Python's download page
  2. Download the 0.1 release here (contains Python scripts and supporting DTD & Properties files).
  3. System's instructions. Basically, once you have Python installed, double click on the script and check the corresponding DTD and Properties files for the changes to the "color" string (which should now be called "colour")
  4. For more information, check out my blog about the 0.1 release.

Modifying Firefox Lab

Index: tabbrowser.xml

FSOSS 2007 Report For DPS909


FSOSS 2007 Report For DPS909


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