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Hi, my name, and therefore for simplicity's sake user name is Roger Dicke. I am a fifth term CPA student which means I am taking OSD600 as opposed to it's sister class for the BSD program DPS909.

Current Project

Document Mozilla External String Guide

Reading List

Reading List:
Reading Reason
Education/Learning/XpcomComponents To get a better understanding about writing Xpcom Components for Mozilla
Mozilla_internal_string_guide To learn more about strings and Mozilla
Static Analysis To learn more about extracting information from code
Writing interface reference documentation To understand interface reference documentation for Mozilla
Migrating from Internal Linkage to Frozen Linkage Internal vs. Frozen Linkage
Dehydra Object Reference - MDC


Week Lab Type Status Link
1 Blog post B Done To Blog
2 IRC Lab B Done To Blog
3 Build Firefox B Done To Blog
4 Source Code Reading Lab / Working with patches B / P / To Blog / To Patch
5 Watch Bugzilla User B To Blog
6 ThunderBird lab B / B (Done fake bugzilla report) To Blog / To Patch
7 Modify Browser P To Patch
  • P = Patch, B = Blog

My Contributions




irc nick: EndersTruth or rdicke (typically if I am logged in on a remote session)

General irc rooms I am on: #seneca #devmo