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Jose Rainulf Pineda
Hey, it's me!
Occupation CPAC student
IRC _Rainulf (/join #rainulf)
Home Page/Blog
Seneca jrpineda (at) learn seneca
Gmail (preferred) rainulf1 (at)

Jose Rainulf Pineda is a Seneca College School of Computer Studies Student. He does Web development (xHTML, PHP+mySQL, Javascript) or C/C++ on his free time. He also watches anime or read manga.

Current courses

OOP344 - Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ , (Introduction to Open Source)

Further information: OOP344

DBS301 - Database Design II and SQL using Oracle

Further information: DBS301

INT322 - Internet II - Web Programming on UNIX

Further information: INT322

SYS366 - Requirements Gathering using OO Models

Further information: SYS366

CPP100 - CO-OP Professional Theory

Further information: CPP100

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